Wednesday, May 8, 2013

various artists - the copper roof houses.

Various Artists - The Copper Roof Houses


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1. The Copper Roof Houses - Intro
2. Damien Dubrovnik - Women Of The History
3. Lust For Youth - I'm Down
4. Lust For Youth - Tied Hands
5. Lust For Youth - Rose Keller
6. Blodvite - Främlingen

first released on cassette by posh isolation, this is the vinyl version of "the copper roof houses," courtesy of järtecknet. originally compiled and sold for a european tour, this album features some of posh isolation's most high-profile artists.

ranging from the ambient noise of damien dubrovnik to the synth-based darkwave of lust for youth to the tape manipulations of blodvite, this might sound like a very disparate compilation, but listening to it, everything fits together perfectly. just like every other posh isolation (and järtecknet) compilation, the tracks are sequenced perfectly and there's just a very unified feel to the whole record. it's all very dark, discordant, and distant. not to mention deeply satisfying.

so if you've enjoyed anything on posh isolation or järtecknet, don't hesitate to pick this up on vinyl or cassette. there's one copy of the cassette on discogs right now, and the vinyl seems to be available both on discogs and in a couple online distros...and, of course, mount analog.

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