Friday, July 29, 2016

cory strand - memento (totality).

Cory Strand - Memento (Totality)


97.66 MB + 97.66 MB + 9.86 MB

1. Memento (Totality)

ask and ye shall receive.

cory strand's "totality" reinterpretation of memento is just as dark, labyrinthine, and despairing as the film itself.

and it gives me the urge to remix the video to go along with the destructive audio...maybe someday.

I don't know how or why copies are still available, but grab one now.

it's an essential companion to what is still, in my opinion, christopher nolan's crowning achievement.

cory's also been uploading a lot of material to bandcamp lately, so grab some of that stuff, too.

finally, sorry for the all three .rar files and then unpack.

(buy a copy from altar of waste)

(the world doesn't just)

(disappear when you)

(close your eyes, does it?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

orgy of carrion - hymns of melancholic violence and plague.

Orgy Of Carrion - Hymns Of Melancholic Violence And Plague


17.33 MB

1. I
2. II
3. III

of the myriad bands to come out of defiled light (all of which are absolutely fantastic, in case you're unaware), orgy of carrion has been my favorite by a long shot.

this compilation from altare productions collects material from six different releases before adding these tracks, from an unreleased demo, on at the end.

most of this material is available online, so instead of ripping the entire thing, I'm only posting these last three tracks.

two tracks of scathing black metal and one track of ambience.

do yourself (and the band) a favor and pick up the remainder of the material on bandcamp. it's all there and it's absolutely outstanding.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

copies of this handsomely-packaged double cassette compilation are available from the label.

and buy stuff from defiled light while you're at it.

(support the band.)

(for unreleased purposes only.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

un regard froid - devoir.génétique.violence.hiérarchie.

Un Regard Froid - Devoir.Génétique.Violence.Hiérarchie


38.7 MB

1. Devoir
2. Génétique
3. Violence
4. Hiérarchie

power electronics of the highest order from un regard froid, courtesy of NSN.

searing tones and brutal textures, all over far too soon...looking forward to more from this project.

past releases are available via the artist's bandcamp.

great packaging on this one, too...large clamshell case, inserts, and a patch.

another worthy addition to the NSN catalog, and the next batch can't come soon enough.

(buy this [and more] from NSN.)

(for cold purposes only.)