Wednesday, June 27, 2018

various artists - häretischer kreis.

Various Artists - Häretischer Kreis


59.4 MB

1. Swine Soul - Violent Self-Spiraling Forever Towards Utter Oblivion
2. Immatura Morte - Exclamavit Autem Mortis...
3. Xzælthu - Untitled
4. Gormanudr - Ages Of Blood
5. Funerary Temple - Chanting Woes Through The Chambers Of Flesh

co-released by perverse homage and hatework, this compilation brings together a host of stellar artists for a sonically and aesthetically cohesive side of furious black metal.

a few of these artists were new to me, but everything here is great and this easily stands up as one of the finest compilations I've heard all year.

somehow, copies are still available from perverse grab one quickly and don't miss out.