Friday, November 23, 2012

best of 2012.

here are four best-of-the-year lists for your reading pleasure - twenty widely released albums, ten cassettes, ten splits, and ten digital releases. each list is in no particular order.

it was an especially great year for cassettes, splits, and digital from small labels.

these albums are readily available all over the internet for free. but please buy something if you like it.

top twenty widely-released albums
menace ruine - alight in ashes
evoken - atra mors
elysian blaze - blood geometry
panopticon - kentucky
sutekh hexen - larvae
wrathprayer - the sun of moloch…
rage nucléaire - unrelenting fucking hatred
wildernessking - the writing of gods in the sand
baroness - yellow & green
mutilation rites - empyrean
worm ouroboros - come the thaw
mgla - with hearts toward none
mares of thrace - the pilgrimage
cryptopsy - s/t
bosse-de-nage - III
drudkh - eternal turn of the wheel
pseudogod - death womb catechesis
horseback - half blood
ash borer - cold of ages
pig destroyer - book burner

top ten cassettes
this station of life - plastic fire
rhinocervs - rh-12
rhinocervs - rh-14
ash pool - cremation is irreversible
dommedagssalme - to that which lies dormant
dressed in streams - s/t
voltur - obscuritas incantamentum
grinning death's head - golden dawn
hell - hell III
torture chain - time is but a doorway to the incinerator

top ten splits
absum/odz manouk
a pregnant light/obscure lupine quietus
wheels within wheels/merkaba
muknal/the haunting presence
white medal/cäina
year of no light/altar of plagues
yellow eyes/monument

top ten digital/self-releases
ekadzati - s/t
thenn - threshing the golden fields
jute gyte - senescence
venowl - patterns of failure
cellgraft - s/t
acédia - l'exil
book of sand - mourning star
mare cognitum - an extraconscious lucidity
dephosphorus - night sky transform
botanist - III: doom in bloom

what did I miss?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

cremation lily - votive mirror.

Cremation Lily - Votive Mirror



1. Iron Pier
2. Five Year Old Cum
3. With A Man
4. Seven Years Old

cremation lily tape on strange rules, limited to 39 copies.

support the artist and label and buy something (by subscribing to the newsletter and hitting the site asap, otherwise everything will be sold out).

(link removed by request.)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

bound bible - demo.

Bound Bible - Demo


17.54 MB

1. It's All Covered
2. Contend
3. Another Set Of Lips

a new project from members of cremation lily and a pregnant light.

support the artists and pick it up from colloquial sound recordings.

(for preview purposes only.)

the beginning...

this will be a home for various rants about black metal and cinema, two things that inspire me daily. I might post an occasional album, but only if it's something that can't be found anywhere else on the web.

please stand by.