Tuesday, October 22, 2019

saatkrähe - les mémoires d'un corbeau mort.

Saatkrähe - Les Mémoires d'un Corbeau Mort I


169.36 MB

1. Ravens Fly Over The Lands
2. Sleeping With Ravens
3. Vlad's Tomb
4. The Light Of A Crow
5. In The Graveyard Mist
6. Open Portal
7. Quintessence
8. Funérailles
9. Aux Alentours
10. Le Culte Du Passé

apologies for the absence...I've been busy.

the film is done as of ten days ago and between that, work, and everything else in my life, I haven't had the mental bandwidth for the blog.

oh well.

anyway, I picked this up through analog worship recently. super raw, super lo-fi, and all wrapped up in that classic skjold packaging. I was totally unfamiliar with this one-man project until now, and he's currently releasing new music as sale freux.


(for preview purposes only.)