Thursday, December 15, 2016

décombres - s/t.

Décombres - S/T


77.46 MB

1. Consumation
2. Entité
3. Élévation
4. Aurore Boréale
5. Essence Morte
6. Dernier Souffle
7. Cendres Et Décombres (L'obscurité Des Coeurs)

solid black metal courtesy of graceless recordings.

"décombres" means ruins or rubble in french, and it's a solo project of philippe boucher, who's also a member of chthe'ilist.

graceless is based out of tennessee and has a lot of great material available for purchase.

this tape is sold out at their storefront, but copies are available from analog worship via the link below.

(buy a copy.)

(for ruination purposes only.)