Thursday, December 15, 2016

décombres - s/t.

Décombres - S/T


77.46 MB

1. Consumation
2. Entité
3. Élévation
4. Aurore Boréale
5. Essence Morte
6. Dernier Souffle
7. Cendres Et Décombres (L'obscurité Des Coeurs)

solid black metal courtesy of graceless recordings.

"décombres" means ruins or rubble in french, and it's a solo project of philippe boucher, who's also a member of chthe'ilist.

graceless is based out of tennessee and has a lot of great material available for purchase.

this tape is sold out at their storefront, but copies are available from analog worship via the link below.

(buy a copy.)

(for ruination purposes only.)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

various artists - the first thing that you want is the last thing that you need.

Various Artists - The First Thing That You Want Is The Last Thing That You Need


126.7 MB

1. Matthew Hopkins - Flesh-tone Monochrome
2. Lucid Castration - Drying Fibres
3. Smash Tennis - Dowel Sub-sequence
4. Cathedral - Mantilla
5. J. Campbell - Bromeliad In Bloom
6. Hour House - Winter Orange
7. Dotåbåtå - Intrinsic Value
8. Roman Nails - Almost Chiseled
9. Red Wine and Sugar - The Confidence and Humor of John
10. Tony McKey - Untitled

double cassette compilation courtesy of australia's mazurka editions.

always love the compilations and packages from this label - very consistent aesthetic and musical curation.

this one is no different - the tracks compliment each other very well and nothing feels out of place.

copies are available from unseen force via the link below.

(buy a copy from unseen force.)

(for needful purposes only.)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

ahlzagailzehguh ‎– straddle fortress.

Ahlzagailzehguh ‎– Straddle Fortress


35.58 MB

1. Balancing Act
2. Not A Gradual Decline

harsh, metallic power electronics from ahlzagailzehguh.

release by fusty cunt last year.

yes, it really does come with a nail in cement and an unplayable cassette with a piece of rusted metal affixed to it.

and every "cover" is a different piece of linoleum tile.

it's a great package and a true art object, unlike most "special editions" nowadays.

creations like this embody everything I love and respect about the scene.

I bought this from analog worship, but I guess it was the last keep an eye on discogs.

(for fusty purposes only.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

the rita - pedicure deconstruction of the feminine.

The Rita - Pedicure Deconstruction Of The Feminine


88.91 MB

1. Pedicure 1
2. Pedicure 2

new release from the rita courtesy of bacteria field.

crumbling, glitchy walls of emptiness, which probably fits the current mood all too well.

total destruction, total isolation, totally unfeeling.

copies are still available from the label via the link below.

(buy a copy while they last.)

(for deconstruction purposes only.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

macronympha - back in the bedroom...back inside the dungeon.

Macronympha - Back In The Bedroom...Back Inside The Dungeon


116.66 MB

1. Balls Up Crazy
2. Greased Up Pussy Pump

released via bacteria field a while ago...time keeps slipping, moving faster and faster...feels like this came out just a few weeks ago, but apparently it was months...

anyway, solid harsh noise from an artist we all know.

and I apologize for so few posts recently...but I've been busy with, well, life...but more posts will be coming soon.

copies are still available from the label via the link below.

(buy a copy.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Monday, September 26, 2016

digital fairy tales: album one.

Digital Fairy Tales: Album One

October 6th - 31st, 2016

Opening Reception: October 6th, 6-9p

Made in NY Media Center
30 John Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

film week crushed all of the my time for the past month, hence the lack of posting...but now that it's over, I can finally announce a new show to which I've contributed work.

this time I'll find you is my contribution to the digital fairy tales: album one group show and, honestly, it's my favorite thing I've created in a while.

shot over the course of five days on location in new jersey and wisconsin, it tells the story of an astronaut who finds herself stuck in a temporal loop of someone else's creation, constantly searching for a way out.

the music was composed and performed by damian master, who most of you probably know from a pregnant light and colloquial sound recordings...harsh noise, ambience, and melody are all juxtaposed here to create a unique, otherworldly feeling.

I know I say this all the time, but I couldn't be happier with this piece. my incredible girlfriend does a fantastic job of capturing the sadness and isolation of the main character, and damian's music is just perfect.

there might even be a cassette release in the near future...

there are six other videos in the show, including one from josh graham, and everyone in the area should come and check them out. josh, myself, and a few of the other artists will be present for a Q&A during the opening on 10/6, so stop by, have a chat, and partake in the free wine and beer that will be available.

a trailer for the show can be found here.

plus, the show will also be projected onto the manhattan bridge as part of the light year series until 10p that night.

don't miss it.

EDIT: the score is now available for purchase via colloquial sound recordings, both digitally and on cassette.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

mon.ark ammo - s/t.

Mon.Ark Ammo - S/T


55.41 MB

1.  Retribution Current 1
2.  Retribution Current 2

this new-ish release from bacteria field is a collaboration between dan greenwood of diagram: a and erik brown of streiber, wish for skin, and scald hymn.

harsh electronics of the highest order.

copies are still available from the label via the link below.

learn more about dan's work on his blog, and check out more of erik's work on bandcamp.

(buy a copy from bacteria field.)

(for ammunition purposes only.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

flysch - madera document.

Flysch - Madera Document


46.67 MB

1. Loop I
2. Loop II
3. Loop III
4. Loop IV

here's a custom set of loops from derrick spotts, who makes noise and drone recordings as painted woman and purity of essence, respectively.

he also released this via willful industry, a sublabel of his own unseen force, where he's been releasing fantastic material for years now.

as the description says, no two sets are alike. the loops are short, but I've ripped them here into (approximately) five minute blocks.

use them as you see fit, or just listen to them as they are and fall into a trance.

it's not yet sold out, so don't hesitate to pick up your own version. the packaging is expectedly excellent and the process of making looping cassettes is definitely an art in its own right.

a lot of care was taken to create these loops, both in construction and recording, and it would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

highly recommended.

(no two are alike.)

(for looping purposes only.)

Friday, July 29, 2016

cory strand - memento (totality).

Cory Strand - Memento (Totality)


97.66 MB + 97.66 MB + 9.86 MB

1. Memento (Totality)

ask and ye shall receive.

cory strand's "totality" reinterpretation of memento is just as dark, labyrinthine, and despairing as the film itself.

and it gives me the urge to remix the video to go along with the destructive audio...maybe someday.

I don't know how or why copies are still available, but grab one now.

it's an essential companion to what is still, in my opinion, christopher nolan's crowning achievement.

cory's also been uploading a lot of material to bandcamp lately, so grab some of that stuff, too.

finally, sorry for the all three .rar files and then unpack.

(buy a copy from altar of waste)

(the world doesn't just)

(disappear when you)

(close your eyes, does it?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

orgy of carrion - hymns of melancholic violence and plague.

Orgy Of Carrion - Hymns Of Melancholic Violence And Plague


17.33 MB

1. I
2. II
3. III

of the myriad bands to come out of defiled light (all of which are absolutely fantastic, in case you're unaware), orgy of carrion has been my favorite by a long shot.

this compilation from altare productions collects material from six different releases before adding these tracks, from an unreleased demo, on at the end.

most of this material is available online, so instead of ripping the entire thing, I'm only posting these last three tracks.

two tracks of scathing black metal and one track of ambience.

do yourself (and the band) a favor and pick up the remainder of the material on bandcamp. it's all there and it's absolutely outstanding.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

copies of this handsomely-packaged double cassette compilation are available from the label.

and buy stuff from defiled light while you're at it.

(support the band.)

(for unreleased purposes only.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

un regard froid - devoir.génétique.violence.hiérarchie.

Un Regard Froid - Devoir.Génétique.Violence.Hiérarchie


38.7 MB

1. Devoir
2. Génétique
3. Violence
4. Hiérarchie

power electronics of the highest order from un regard froid, courtesy of NSN.

searing tones and brutal textures, all over far too soon...looking forward to more from this project.

past releases are available via the artist's bandcamp.

great packaging on this one, too...large clamshell case, inserts, and a patch.

another worthy addition to the NSN catalog, and the next batch can't come soon enough.

(buy this [and more] from NSN.)

(for cold purposes only.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

v. sinclair - metamorphosis.

V. Sinclair - Metamorphosis


116.56 MB

1. Defined By It's Presence Or Absence/Silhouette
2. Indéterminé
3. A Rope Taught With Considerable Weight
4. The Shoulder Is Constrained Within It's Form
5. The Small Of His Back

fantastic drones in a fantastic package from valentine sinclair and his clandestine compositions label.

incredibly refined, minimal, and well-designed.

some of his work has been a little too minimal for me, but this one is just right.

between this and the ligature release from earlier this year, clandestine compositions is really hitting a stride.

this isn't sold out yet, so buy this all of the other releases.

(buy a copy from the label.)

(for metamorphic purposes only.)

Monday, June 20, 2016

assassani - daemonical raw tech invocation.

Assassani - Daemonical Raw Tech Invocation


37.76 MB

1. I Can See The Whole Ibiza Bvrning And Thee Corpses In Flames Dancing
2. Como Alambre De Espinas Y Meo Napalm

the title pretty much says it all - very raw, noisy, and demonic techno, courtesy of fallow field.

kind of like a slightly more unhinged, maniacal, and destructive vatican shadow.

I haven't heard any of the artist's other works, but a couple of recent recordings are available on bandcamp.

(for invocation purposes only.)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

the rita / mania - together they're murder.

The Rita / Mania - Together They're Murder


72.1 MB

1. The Rita - Untitled
2. Mania - Untitled
3. Mania - Untitled

new cassette reissue of a CD-R from 2006 courtesy of bacteria field.

there's a wall from sam mckinlay on the first side and some harsh power electronics from mania on the other, including one track that wasn't on the original version.

much like everything else from bacteria field, this one is sold out, but there are two copies on discogs as of this writing.

(sold out.)

(for murderous purposes only.)

Friday, May 27, 2016


I've long been a supporter of everything that NSN puts out, and after a lengthy hiatus, the label is finally back with two new tapes, along with a release party early next week.

the first is "hymnes à la déroute," from trup.

raw, scathing black metal, and it's really great.

the album is available on bandcamp, but obviously I highly recommend and encourage you to buy the physical version.

the second is "devoir. génétique. violence. hiérarchie," from un regard froid.

brutal power electronics.

a video preview of one track is available here:

it is awesome, both sonically and visually.

and if you're in montreal on 5/31, swing by the release party, have a few beers, and meet the artists.

bottom line: buy these tapes as soon as they're available.

(follow NSN.)

Monday, May 16, 2016

climax denial - repentance in ecstacy.

Climax Denial - Repentance In Ecstacy


61.69 MB

1. Immature
2. They Died On A Beautiful Day
3. How Shadow
4. Penance
5. It Was A Short Funeral
6. Metamorph (Intrinsic Action Cover)
7. A Figure Stalking Place
8. The Total Answer

interesting power electronics from climax denial, courtesy of bacteria field.

huge variety of tones and textures here...vocals, melodies, noise, some ambience...this one pretty much runs the gamut.

really great stuff.

copies are still available from the label via the link below.

and while I'd normally tell you all to check out the rest of bacteria field's offerings, this actually appears to be the only release that isn't sold, yeah, there you go.

but obviously keep an eye on that storefront and don't hesitate to grab any new releases as they become available.

(buy a copy from bacteria field.)

(for repentance purposes only.)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

tollund men - autoerotik.

Tollund Men - Autoerotik


90.47 MB

1. Born In Hell
2. Esoteric Criminal
3. Spell Of Deception
4. Adrastea
5. Autoerotik
6. Mausoleum Of Desire
7. The Inmost Self
8. An Insect
9. From Chaos
10. Kiste
11. Himeros
12. Poisoned Robe
13. Suffocating Heart
14. The Garden

don't judge me, I couldn't resist posting this.

first tollund men full-length, courtesy of bleak environment.

I'm glad these guys waited out the darkwave fad before releasing a full-length...they were always one of the best (along with body of light), and with a less-cluttered landscape today than, oh, say, two years ago, this album stands out even more.

that's not to say it couldn't stand out in that more crowded marketplace...but the moods, rhythms, and melodies here are so great that I'm glad it doesn't risk getting lost in the shuffle.

copies of this one are long gone...I think it took a matter of hours...and so is everything else,, yeah, keep an eye on discogs.

(everything is obviously sold out.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

cory strand - memento: a reinterpretation.

Cory Strand - Memento: A Reinterpretation


188.05 MB + 168.56 MB + 187.13 MB + 164.83 MB

1. Part One
2. Part Two
3. Part Three
4. Part Four
5. Part Five
6. Part Six
7. Part Seven
8. Part Eight
9. Part Nine
10. Part Ten
11. Coda One
12. Coda Two

my love for memento is no secret, nor is my love for cory strand's unique reinterpretations of the scores and audio tracks from classic films.

this twelve-disc set, released on strand's altar of waste, perfectly captures the myriad moods put forth by what is, in my opinion, christopher nolan's crowning achievement...and easily one of the best films of the last twenty years.

the sounds and artwork coalesce to form the perfect companion to the film.

it's slow and subtle, gradually seeping into your subconscious and distorting your perception until you're questioning everything around you...

I'd love to see cory do a "totality" version of memento - with the entire audio track turned into destructive wall noise - which would serve as an excellent counterpoint to the gloomy ambience here.

while this one's a little pricey, don't hesitate - fans of the film will love this release, and cory's put the same amount of time, effort, and love into this package that he puts into all of his releases...I don't know how he does it, but I'm glad we get to reap the benefits.

(buy a copy from altar of waste.)

(fact one.)

(fact two.)

(fact three.)

(fact four.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

various artists - remise/assume.

Various Artists - Remise/Assume



1. Flysch - Edged: NW 23.10
2. False Moniker - One Arm, One Leg
3. Händer Som Vårdar - Can't
4. Elisha Morningstar - Ghost Wife
5. Slow Listener - Brook's Scowl
6. Minais B - Syrener Og
7. Daphine And Lyndsey - Llantwitt
8. Vasculae - Emulation Formula
9. Wanda Group - Ave Manila
10. Cremation Lily - Love, Made And Remade

the 100th release from zen's strange rules label.

can't believe he's finally hit triple digits.

this compilation represents the full scope of zen's releasing efforts - field recordings, harsh drones, noise, and a whole lot of ghostly, ominous melodies woven throughout.

very ghostly...that's the first adjective that came to mind but it really holds true. whenever I listen to any of zen's releases, I feel the sound calling out for visual accompaniment...and while I've made visuals to some of zen's music before, one clip isn't doesn't do the label justice.

maybe one day...

copies are sold out from the source but one is available on discogs.

don't miss this crowning achievement from one of the best, most consistent labels around.

(for assumption purposes only.)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

plagues - death is salvation.

Plagues - Death Is Salvation


75.32 MB

1. Forsaken
2. Death Is Salvation
3. Nothing Matters
4. Renounce
5. Seething Hatred
6. Triumph Of The Flame
7. Spiritual Bondage

power electronics courtesy of waterpower.

double cassette in a clamshell case.

support the label by purchasing through analog worship.

plagues recently put out a lathe-cut on unseen force.

it's sold out but available on bandcamp.

(for salvation purposes only.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

haraam - let the swords tear me to pieces.

Haraam - Let The Swords Tear Me To Pieces


56.8 MB

1. Fighting Is Ordained For You
2. The Faceless God
3. A Snake In The Grave
4. Only God Knows
5. A Dark Star Rises
6. Solidify Their Blood

dark, grimy techno courtesy of fallow field.

I wanted to post that noir noir tape but someone beat me to it.

kind of like a lower-fi vatican shadow. check out more haraam releases via bandcamp, including an earlier fallow field release.

already sold out from the label...hell, the entire batch is already sold out, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

(for forbidden purposes only.)

Monday, March 28, 2016

cory strand - gummo: revisited.

Cory Strand - Gummo: Revisited


159.43 MB

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V

as some of you know, gummo is an incredibly important film to me for a variety of reasons.

beyond the fact that it's a unique, utterly bewildering, and occasionally terrifying cinematic experience, it's had an incredible impact on my professional career.

my very first internship while attending tisch was for forensic films, run by scott macaulay and robin o'hara, who produced the film. I applied for the internship simply because the description said they were the producers of gummo.

after interning there for more than a year and a half, I moved on to hdnet films, due in large part to scott's recommendation.

but before leaving forensic, I connected with jacob reynolds - whose silhouette appears on that cover up there - and we began making films together. we've had some scripts optioned, a few of our shorts have played at festivals across the united states, and it was through him that I was introduced to my wonderful girlfriend.

and did I forget to mention the fact that gummo has a ridiculously incredible soundtrack?

cory's "revisitation" of the film's sountrack definitely plays to a lot of it's strengths - the noise here sounds like buzzing black metal guitars just waiting for blast beats and shrieked vocals to kick it into gear.

limited to just five copies, this one is long gone, but buy a whole bunch of cory's other releases...doesn't matter which ones...they're all excellent, forward-thinking, and lovingly packaged.

(buy something from altar of waste.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Friday, March 18, 2016

the rita - dark eye makeup for the stage.

The Rita - Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage


55.64 MB

1. Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage 1
2. Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage 2

new-ish release from the rita, courtesy of lust vessel imprint stiff sanctorum.

no discernible samples, no breaks, only the harshest walls.

copies might still be available from the artist. even if they're not, sam has a ton of great stuff for sale, so pick up something.

a few more are also on discogs, but they're unreasonably expensive.

(for stage purposes only.)

Monday, February 29, 2016

deterge - fundamental acoustic.

Deterge - Fundamental Acoustic


57.74 MB

1. Psycho-
2. Electro-
3. Aero-
4. Bio-

what can I say?

new deterge, currently available from fusty cunt. double cassette, plastic bag, plus a book and a special offer, of sorts.

fantastic package, fantastically destructive audio.

and I'll be taking the quiz...

(support the label.)

(for fundamental purposes only.)

Friday, February 26, 2016

decomposition and transcendence.

Light Year 11: Decomposition and Transcendence

March 3rd - 29th, 2016

Opening Reception: March 4th, 6-9p

Made in NY Media Center
30 John Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

excited to announce that my latest video piece, starring my lovely girlfriend and featuring music from jarboe (of swans fame) will debut in a gallery setting on march 3rd as a part of DUMBO's monthly first thursday gallery walk.

the opening reception will be held on friday, march 4th, and will feature a screening of all of the works, followed by a panel featuring artists from leo kuelbs' light year series.

and yes, I will be on the panel.

there are a ton of great sound and visual artists involved in this show and it's an honor to have my work alongside theirs, not to mention collaborating with jarboe...words don't really suffice.

the video will be available in full on vimeo and youtube once the show opens.

decomposition and transcendence is a collaborative show, curated by leo kuelbs with aaron riedel "exploring the continuum of beauty, decay, transformation, and rebirth...and emphasizes the human figure as a device to create analogous narratives and meanings."

despite each artist's disparate backgrounds and experience, the whole show is incredibly cohesive and the aesthetic is very much in line with my own and I know that all of you will come away with something.

the panel will focus primarily this show, with a broader focus on public art in new york and around the world.

with armory week coming up, nearly all of the artists who participated in the show will be in town and we're all excited to answer questions about our work, our processes, and whatever else the audience can throw at us.

the curators will also be on hand to discuss how and why they selected these artists, why they chose to pair a given sound artist with a given visual artist, and more.

so come out, say hello, have some free alcohol, and take in the show.

you won't be disappointed.

shoot me an email or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

(official event page.)

(more info on the show.)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

cremation lily - long live the cross.

Cremation Lily - Long Live The Cross


35.81 MB

1. Inside The Living Light (Norwich, 02/08/13)
2. Doesn't Seem So Pure (London, 03/11/13)

two live cremation lily tracks, recorded in 2013 and released on winter cross in december of 2015.

always nice to hear some power electronics from zen, plus there's a little bit of drone mixed in for good measure.

sold out from the source, a couple copies are available on discogs as of this writing.

(support the artist.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Friday, February 5, 2016

various artists - the london gardens society.

Various Artists - The London Gardens Society


55.78 MB

1. Mlehst - This Is Still Your Master Calling
2. Cremation Lily - Cyclic Withdrawal / Passing Stone (Oslo, 10/04/15)
3. Memory Work - Glory Is Yours
4. Balkan Gaze - The Pillars Of Belgrade
5. False Moniker - A Falling Body
6. Kay Hill - Psychology

new compilation from strange rules imprint winter cross.

some churning drones from mlehst, some live destruction from cremation lily, and a whole lot of hypnotic synth material from the remainder of the artists.

currently sold out from the label, a couple of copies are available on discogs.

recommended, and I'm looking forward to seeing how winter cross develops.

(for london gardens purposes only.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ligature - paradise.

Ligature - Paradise


66.28 MB

1. Window To The World
2. Paradise I
3. 11581
4. Paradise II

valentine sinclair's clandestine compositions has been quietly putting out great releases for sometime, and I grabbed a copy of this ligature double cassette as soon as it went on sale last week.

this release does not disappoint - great packaging, design, layout, and, of course, sound.

really harsh power electronics with just the right amount of vocals, which add to the chaos perfectly.

and great juxtaposition of ambience and's a surprisingly dynamic release with a real focus on composition, a facet that usually gets lost in the desperate search for overwhelming brutality that's all too common in noise today.

highly recommended, and I'm excited to see something this great come out so early in the year...hopefully it's a sign of great things to come from the label, the artist, and the underground itself.

(buy a copy from clandestine compositions.)

(for clandestine purposes only.)

Friday, January 8, 2016

the rita - raymonda (stage arrangement of women).

The Rita - Raymonda (Stage Arrangement Of Women)


83.78 MB

1. Raymonda (Stage Arrangement Of Women)

just one forty-seven minute militant wall.

what more is there to say?

continuing sam mckinlay's obsession with ballet, released via old europa cafe and elettronica radicale edizione on...believe it or not, compact disc.

yes, I bought a compact disc.

it's been a while, that's for sure.

keep an eye out for copies via the above links or reach out to sam directly via his blog like I did...he's got a lot of great stuff for sale and your money goes directly to the artist.

(for arrangement purposes only.)