Wednesday, February 19, 2014

sadness saturn / golden raven - satanic lysergia / beams of energy.

Sadness Saturn / Golden Raven - Satanic Lysergia / Beams Of Energy


52.96 MB

1. Sadness Saturn - Impermanence In Chains
2. Sadness Saturn - The Dark River Of Self-Destruction
3. Golden Raven - Nostril Re-Breathen
4. Golden Raven - The Benefactor
5. Golden Raven - Bear Forest
6. Golden Raven - Astral Aquatica Gastropoda

it took me a while to get my hands on a copy of this one but I'm glad I can finally share it with all of you.

courtesy of handmade birds, this split brings together the solo projects of both members of servile sect. sadness saturn's first track is raw black metal while the second is industrial noise. the golden raven material is more experimental, with plenty of synths and whispers of melody, but also a healthy dose of discord and some very eerie spoken-work vocals.

you don't need me to tell you that handmade birds is worthy of our hard-earned dollars. they put out consistently fantastic tapes, vinyl, and even (gasp) CDs from artists like panopticon, sutekh hexen, merzbow, prurient, circle of ouroborus...the list really does go on and on. and with distribution now being handled by thrill jockey, they're more reliable than ever before.

so if you haven't already, take a look through the handmade birds store and grab anything that piques your interest. don't worry, it'll all be great.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

vilkacis - the fever of war.

Vilkacis - The Fever Of War


61.37 MB

1. Freezing Hell
2. Blood Dream In The Fever Of War
3. Sentinel At The Gate
4. Wolf's Eyes
5. Wind And Flame

here's another tape from the latest psychic violence batch with music courtesy of mike rekeviks, drummer and vocalist for fell voices.

the sound is kind of a cross between fell voices and one of rekeviks' former bands, ruin lust. there are some nice tremelo-picked riffs, a variety of vocal styles and even a nice ambient interlude right in the middle to keep things interesting.

although I got mine from gilead media, they're now sold out, just like every other distro on the internet. but plenty of distros still have copies of fell voices' excellent regnum saturni, so pick that one up instead if you haven't already done so.

(for preview purposes only.)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

golden serenades - the age of swing.

Golden Serenades - The Age Of Swing


59.42 MB

1. Untitled
2. Untitled

golden serenades' the age of swing comes to us courtesy of the inimitable a dear girl called wendy, and if you're a fan of anything on that label - heinz hopf, osskull, alleypisser, etc. - this will be right up your alley.

these thirty minutes of brutal harsh noise are spread across two sides of black vinyl packaged in a simple white sleeve. the music itself reminds me of KP's archeological box-set on hospital productions a few years ago. there's a little bit of a wall influence, but there's more than enough variety to hold your attention throughout the duration of the record.

overall, another fine release from a dear girl called wendy. I just wish their material was easier to find here in the united states. experimedia is a great source for other americans, but their stock is usually fairly limited.

however you track their releases down, I promise you'll be pleased with the final product, no matter what it is. copies are still available via experimedia, so grab one from the link below.

(buy a copy from experimedia.)

(for preview purposes only.)