Monday, May 27, 2013

black leather jesus - even deeper.

Black Leather Jesus - Even Deeper


36.67 MB

1. I Like Him To Worry And Still Have To Do It
2. Damaged By The Act

here's the other robert & leopold tape I promised - "even deeper" by black leather jesus. just one of the many monickers of richard ramirez, black leather jesus has featured a revolving door of supporting members over its twenty year history, with ramirez being the only constant. and the group has done splits with artists like deathpile, crowhurst, eugenics council, and merzbow, amongst countless others.

this c20, released in april of 2012, is filled with harsh noise and brutal power electronics of the highest caliber. ramirez never relents during these two tracks that, to untrained ears, will feel like pure torture. but those of us with a tolerance for this stuff will find a lot to love here, and this recording stands up as one of the best black leather jesus has to offer.

for more from ramirez and his many projects, check out his extensive bandcamp.

copies are out of stock from the label, but one tape is available on discogs as of this writing, so grab it while you can. and better yet, ramirez himself is selling that one copy, so what more incentive do you need? those of you in los angeles can check out mount analog, they might have a copy or two left. but wherever you are, do your best to pick this one up - it's more than worth your time and money.

(for preview purposes only.)

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