Thursday, December 25, 2014

cremation lily - lines of golden light.

Cremation Lily - Lines Of Golden Light


96.84 MB

1. Screen Reflections In The Neon Window
2. Red Blankets Of A Muslim Girl
3. Blue Light On Black Skin
4. For A Modern Union
5. Happiness In Balance
6. Fascination Bodies
7. Filtered Images
8. Deluxe
9. The Storms Of Summer
10. Limousine Eyelash Wish

merry christmas, here's one of the best cassette packages of the year.

sold out from the label, these weren't cheap...especially shipping to the united states.

but they were totally worth it.

full-color booklet, five cassettes, plus a handful of small seashells.

a beautiful package for absolutely timeless music.

perfect for desolate winter days and hot summer nights alike.

the soundtrack to a film I'll make one day.

any additional description is meaningless.

just listen, absorb, and reflect.

and be thankful for all that you have, whatever that may be.

(for preview purposes only.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

natural assembly - with silence and tears.

Natural Assembly - With Silence And Tears


22.49 MB

1. When We Two Parted
2. Foundations

it's been a while since natural assembly released any new material, but zen zsigo and jesse cannon have finally graced us with two new tracks.

having been a huge fan of the "torn from infinity" seven-inch, I was obviously excited to grab this one. and although shipping is pricey from the united kingdom, everything zen's involved with is pure gold, so I didn't even try to resist.

musically, this is in the same vein as previous natural assembly material, but there's a real and tangible sense of excitement, almost optimism, that was missing from torn from infinity.

things are much more upbeat and uptempo and I for one hope this means more great material is to come in the new year.

if for some reason you're a fan of body of light or tollund men but haven't heard any natural assembly, check this out right now.

copies are sold out from the label so keep an eye on discogs.

(for preview purposes only.)

Monday, December 15, 2014

the ebony tower / she walks crooked - dedicated to william s. burroughs.

The Ebony Tower / She Walks Crooked - Dedicated To William S. Burroughs


111.58 MB

1. The Ebony Tower - Junky
2. She Walks Crooked - Queer

two slabs of literary harsh noise wall from the ebony tower and she walks crooked, fixated on the works of william s. burroughs.

"junky" was the first piece of burroughs' writing that I ever read and it definitely left a lasting impression on me. his depiction of heroin addition in early 1950's new york is graphic and enthralling. originally published as a trashy pulp novel by ace books under a pseudonym but once "naked lunch" became a hit, it was reprinted under burroughs' real name.

"queer" was originally intended as a companion piece to "junky" but wasn't published until much later for a variety of reasons - controversial subject matter, unknown writer, etc. - but was finally released in 1985.

I'm a big fan of the ebony tower, so I'm excited to be able to share this split with she walks crooked, with whom I was previously unfamiliar. each side of this tape is a brutal, unrelenting wall, designed to obliterate all distraction and unnecessary thought.

and they do just that.

copies are still available and surprisingly affordable, so don't miss out.

(buy a copy.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Monday, December 8, 2014

cory strand - mulholland drive (totality).

Cory Strand - Mulholland Drive (Totality)


97.66 MB + 97.66 MB + 75.01 MB

1. Mulholland Drive (Totality)

my love for mulholland drive (and lost highway) has been documented before.

it was truly instrumental in re-catalyzing my love of film as an artistic medium, and for driving me down the creative path that I'm still navigating as we speak.

my appreciation for, and admiration of, cory strand's work has also been documented before, so when he announced a handful of works based on different aspects of mulholland drive's audio, I had to bite.

while two of the three releases are score manipulations, the one that really caught my eye was the third - a total re-working of the film's audio track.

clocking in at close to two and a half hours, this is not an easy listen by any means. it's by turns ambient, destructive, and contemplative - much like the film itself.

the track arrives on a DVD-R in AIFF format, so if you want the original lossless version, you'll have to grab a copy for yourself - there are still one or two available as of this writing.

I've split this into three RAR files - download all three, then extract. it works, I've tested it.

and, as always - buy something from altar of waste and support cory's work...he's given us all so much, and there's still so much more to come, especially with his newly-unveiled subscription series.

no matter what sub-sub-genre you're into, he'll have something perfect.

(buy a copy from altar of waste.)

(part one.)

(part two.)

(part three.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

cremation lily & false moniker - the storms of the summer.

Cremation Lily & False Moniker - The Storms Of The Summer


19.81 MB

1. Nights Before - Nightlights Of England
2. Mornings After - Nightlife Of Belgium

somewhere along the line I forgot to post this...cremation lily has undergone a rather drastic stylistic change in the last year or so, with most releases being ambient, synth-based soundscapes.

that's not to say I dislike this new direction - zen is able to create a tangible sense of nostalgia that seems to be missing from the work of too many other artists who make similar music...the most obvious (and successful) of which is croatian amor, a comparison that others have already made.

these two tracks pick up right where the cremation lily/false moniker collaboration on the "feeding its young..." compilation left off - warm tones evoke imagined memories of summers both past and yet to come.

while I'd love to get some more power electronics from zen, this material is still great, just in a very different way...but thankfully the two styles are both strangely complementary and provide a really beautiful juxtaposition.

honestly, cremation lily never disappoints - a 5x cassette box is for sale right now, as is the new natural assembly tape.

somehow both of those are still available, so don't hesitate.

I can't wait to see what new directions this project takes in the years to come.

(for preview purposes only.)

(buy something from strange rules.)

Monday, December 1, 2014


do I really need to preface these submissions anymore?

I get plenty.

most don't impress me.

the ones that do, they get promoted here.

that's it.

but I especially enjoy when people volunteer to send me physical copies. so when the man behind geräushmanufaktur offered to send me an assortment of his releases, I was excited...but unsure of what to expect.

and instead of doing a ton of research on the label before the materials even arrived, I held off and waited - I wanted everything to remain as unspoiled as possible.

I'm glad I did.

not only are these release sonically stellar, the packaging is top-notch and on par with some of the best stuff out there. quality printing, great cardstock, additional inserts - everything is dark but colorful, unsettling but beautiful.

of everything that I've heard, though, one has really grabbed me in an unexpected way - j.adolphe's collaboration with dead body collection, "deep into the halls," demands to be seen, heard, and experienced.

we're all familiar with dr. alex's monolithic walls, but j.adolphe's manipulation brings everything to life in a completely new way - he adds ambience, vocals, and real variety to the walls of static that combine to make for an obscenely compelling listen.

and the packaging is fantastic, too.

seriously, don't miss this tape - or any of the others, for that matter. releases from tanner garza and vomir are also great, and if you're in the mood for something a little more on the ambient side, pick up any of the j.adolphe solo recordings - there are plenty to choose from.

and up next is a collaborative release from dead body collection, with manipulations from the rita, vomir, and werewolf jerusalem.


keep an eye on this label.

(stream "deep into the halls.")