Tuesday, June 28, 2016

v. sinclair - metamorphosis.

V. Sinclair - Metamorphosis


116.56 MB

1. Defined By It's Presence Or Absence/Silhouette
2. Indéterminé
3. A Rope Taught With Considerable Weight
4. The Shoulder Is Constrained Within It's Form
5. The Small Of His Back

fantastic drones in a fantastic package from valentine sinclair and his clandestine compositions label.

incredibly refined, minimal, and well-designed.

some of his work has been a little too minimal for me, but this one is just right.

between this and the ligature release from earlier this year, clandestine compositions is really hitting a stride.

this isn't sold out yet, so buy this one...plus all of the other releases.

(buy a copy from the label.)

(for metamorphic purposes only.)

Monday, June 20, 2016

assassani - daemonical raw tech invocation.

Assassani - Daemonical Raw Tech Invocation


37.76 MB

1. I Can See The Whole Ibiza Bvrning And Thee Corpses In Flames Dancing
2. Como Alambre De Espinas Y Meo Napalm

the title pretty much says it all - very raw, noisy, and demonic techno, courtesy of fallow field.

kind of like a slightly more unhinged, maniacal, and destructive vatican shadow.

I haven't heard any of the artist's other works, but a couple of recent recordings are available on bandcamp.

(for invocation purposes only.)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

the rita / mania - together they're murder.

The Rita / Mania - Together They're Murder


72.1 MB

1. The Rita - Untitled
2. Mania - Untitled
3. Mania - Untitled

new cassette reissue of a CD-R from 2006 courtesy of bacteria field.

there's a wall from sam mckinlay on the first side and some harsh power electronics from mania on the other, including one track that wasn't on the original version.

much like everything else from bacteria field, this one is sold out, but there are two copies on discogs as of this writing.

(sold out.)

(for murderous purposes only.)