Tuesday, May 22, 2018

carved cross / malphas.

Carved Cross / Malphas


25.9 MB

1. Carved Cross - The Dawning Of Comprehension Underwhelms All Who Bask In Its Light
2. Malphas - Des Chaines De L'état
3. Malphas - Une Signe D'avenir

new split from the legendary carved cross and malphas, courtesy of tour de garde.

carved cross needs no introduction, but this was the first I'd heard of malphas and the material is really great...the easily-discernible riffs are very nice counterpoint to downtrodden murk of the carved cross track.

copies are somehow still available from the source, so grab one ASAP...very worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

(for split purposes only.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

various artists - a group of sexual perverts two.

Various Artists - A Group Of Sexual Perverts 2


133.05 MB

1. Mania - Skulking In Cellars
2. Wonderland Club - How Do You Show Your Love
3. No Dreams - Culling Of Women
4. Vasculae - Gray A
5. Deterge - Intermittent Husbandry
6. Purity Of Essence + Jonathan Canady - Untitled
7. Crackhoconfessions.com - Untitled

volume two of this bacteria field compilation features many of the same artists as the first.

lots of great sonic textures here, from wild power electronics to ANW.

this is an intense release, from the audio to the presentation, which is exactly what we've all come to expect from bacteria field.

sold out from the source, keep an eye on discogs.

highly recommended.

(for bacterial purposes only.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

lampir / witchmoon.

Lampir / Witchmoon


60.73 MB

1. Lampir - Overture
2. Lampir - Returning... The Entranced Carnality
3. Lampir - Poisonous Deflowerment & Damnation
4. Lampir - Bleeding The Infinity
5. Witchmoon - The Black Shadow of Vampyric Isolation
6. Witchmoon - Feeding Beneath The Winter Crescent
7. Witchmoon - Secrets In The Forgotten Mausoleum
8. Witchmoon - Unknown Entrance

new split from lampir and witchmoon, courtesy of perverse homage and black gangrene.

super raw, you know what to expect.

lots of great stuff on black gangrene, don't know how this label flew under my radar for so long but glad that's been remedied...and this new perverse homage batch is expectedly great.

highly recommended.

(for vampyric purposes only.)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

obsidian forest - demo 2017.

Obsidian Forest - Demo 2017


34.88 MB

1. No Breeze Disturbs This Fetid Sanctuary
2. Among The Glittering Caverns
3. An Eternal Moonless Night
4. To Forever Leave The Presence Of The Sun

excellent demo from obsidian forest, courtesy of rapacious projections.

hauntingly melodic riffs and ghastly shrieks...my kind of stuff.

both the band and label seem fairly new, with only a handful of releases thus far, but definitely keep an eye on these two.

(for obsidian purposes only.)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

flešš / lampir.

Flešš / Lampir


56.67 MB

1. Flešš - Unquenchable Bloodlust
2. Flešš - Stalking The Weak And Wounded
3. Flešš - Ravaging Pristine Flesh
4. Flešš - Skulking From Grim Towers
5. Lampir - Fading Prismal Vision
6. Lampir - Glaring Phantasm
7. Lampir - Morning Fog Of Lost Souls

finally have a working cassette deck again.

from the latest perverse homage batch, this split between flešš and lampir is yet another standout release from one of the most reliable labels around.

nicely packaged with a clear, pro-printed cassette, this is essential listening.


(for vampyric purposes only.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

tasmania II.

Various Artists - Tasmania II


160.16 MB

1. Colour Sensory - Pixelated Waves
2. Leather Temple - Closure
3. Fixation - Time Has Changed
4. Fixation - Pounding
5. Fixation - I Can't Make It Stop
6. Claudia - The Scent Of Masculinity
7. Carved Cross - Washed Away In The Passage Of Regret And Time
8. Dysassociation - Interlude I
9. Dysassociation - Head In The Clouds
10. Dysassociation - Interlude II
11. Night Falls Haunting - Rest Of The Lonely
12. Night Falls Haunting - Ancient Rites
13. Night Falls Haunting - Tradition Dies Slowly
14. Isolationist - Knowledge Control
15. Leather Temple - The Blurred Lines Between Sex And Death
16. Gaunt - A.E.
17. Plague Whore - Invocation / Apparition
18. Plague Whore - Glory To The Mother Of Sex
19. Carved Cross - All Debris Returns Home To Rest
20. Claudia - No Sign Of Weakness

utterly fantastic compilation courtesy of overuse.

raw black metal, raging power electronics, and ritualistic ambient all come together in an incredibly cohesive package.

the night falls haunting tracks are probably my favorites, but new material from carved cross and fixation is never a bad thing, either...and of course it's stellar.

I think this is sold out everywhere, so keep an eye on discogs.

highly recommended, one of the best things I've heard all year.

(for tasmanian purposes only.)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

melancholic chants yield wounds in the night.

Moraš / Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Melancholic Chants Yield Wounds In The Night


29.92 MB

1. Moraš - Lair Of The Inanimated
2. Moraš - Soulless Watches
3. Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Bloodletting At The Gates Of The Lycanthrope (A Serenade For The Pale Bride)

the main draw here for me was new UVSS material, but the tracks from moraš (with whom I was previously unfamiliar), are really solid and I'm actively digging through their catalogue now.

the UVSS material leans a little more toward the ambient side than some of their more recent material, with howling wolves and other ominousness filling out the track beyond the usual blackened fury.

great stuff, and I wish it wasn't all over so quickly.

sold out from the source, but maybe analog worship will be getting copies...

(for melancholic purposes only.)