Saturday, May 18, 2013

drowning the virgin silence - head cleaner.

Drowning The Virgin Silence - Head Cleaner


73.55 MB

1. You Hear Nothing
2. Two Clusters
3. Honey Moon
4. Tape And Wire
5. Head Cleaner

curious to hear more from robert & leopold after "have you come here...," I picked up a couple tapes at mount analog that piqued my interest.

the first, "head cleaner" by drowning the virgin silence," is not what I was expecting but a pleasing listen nonetheless.

although I wasn't familiar with the artist's prior material, I figured that with a name like "drowning the virgin silence," this would be some harsh, unforgiving noise. and while there's a little bit of noise here, this tape is primarily ambience, field recording, and acoustic guitar layered on top of each other to create something wholly unique and often downright soothing.

if you like what you hear on this one, be sure to check out the drowning the virgin silence bandcamp to hear more. everything is available on a pay-what-you-like basis, so grab some fascinating music and support the artist himself with however much you can.

hard copies are still available from the label, just click on the link below, scroll down a little, and you'll see it for only $8 in the US, $15 for the rest of the world.

more from robert & leopold coming soon.

(buy a copy from robert & leopold.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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