Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the rita / caligula031 - self shop.

The Rita / Caligula031 - Self Shop


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1. The Rita - Mouths On Nylon, Hour Transaction
2. Caligula031 - Lady Vukovar

released on nil by mouth recordings a little more than a month ago, "self shop" went up for sale in the last total black store update and quickly sold out. lately, I've been listening to every release by the rita that I've been able to find and couldn't resist the urge to pick this one up - especially since it has such..."interesting" packaging.

sam mckinlay's side as the rita definitely doesn't disappoint. the samples, usually fully distorted into pure static, are strangely audible and provide an interesting counterpoint to the harsh noise wall that is there. it makes for a much more dynamic, and less hypnotic, track than mckinlay's work is usually known for.

caligula031 were new to me, but thankfully they've got a bandcamp page in case you want to get acquainted with some of their previous material. right now they only samples available for streaming, but it's better than nothing.

in contrast to the rita's harsh noise wall, caligula031's track is less harsh but just as unforgiving. it's nearly fifteen minutes of droning power electronics and chaotic, distorted vocals. both tracks compliment each other quite well and make this a split that will surely be on one of my year-end lists.

and, of course, I would be remiss not to mention the packaging. in addition to the translucent red cassette in a standard case with a full-color j-card, there's also a second booklet featuring a lengthy piece of prose, and the whole package comes tucked inside of a nylon knee-high stocking - definitely unique and a perfect fit, considering the subject matter.

overall, this is a great tape that any harsh noise fan would be proud to add to his or her collection. as I mentioned earlier, copies are sold out at total black, but those of you in europe (or elsewhere with a ton of money to spend on shipping) should grab one from the label while it's still in stock. and there's one copy for sale on discogs, so grab it quickly - this is one that you won't want to miss.

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  1. And could you also re-upload this one? Thanks again!