Thursday, June 13, 2013

purple light - walk with me in the purple light.

Purple Light - Walk With Me In The Purple Light


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1. Walk With Me In The Purple Light (The Rule)
2. Walk With Me In The Purple Light (II)

locust leg is the new imprint from colloquial sound recordings, a label with which I'm sure you're all familiar. the first three locust leg titles went up for sale in the most recent CSR update and they're currently all sold out, and that shouldn't be a surprise since there were only 17 copies of each.

this tape is the third release, purple light's "walk with me in the purple light." since there's no information about who is responsible for the power electronics contained within these two tracks, I'm forced to assume it's the man behind CSR and a pregnant light, damian master. APL has been a force to be reckoned with over the last two years or so, with every new tape getting better reviews than the last. he's already branched out into electronics via a pair of bodystocking recordings released by strange rules, and if these new locust leg releases are any indication, he's got a lot more in the pipeline.

while there isn't a whole lot here in terms of time, the music is so dense and unrelenting that it's more than worth the price of admission. I'd say that it's similar to some cremation lily recordings but with an entirely unique feel that really sets the whole tape apart and makes both purple light and locust leg worth keeping an eye on...but that should already be obvious.

copies are sold out from the label but add it to your wantlist on discogs...maybe a copy will show up for sale at some point.

and if anyone wants to share the other two locust leg releases, please let me know.

(for preview purposes only.)

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