Monday, December 8, 2014

cory strand - mulholland drive (totality).

Cory Strand - Mulholland Drive (Totality)


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1. Mulholland Drive (Totality)

my love for mulholland drive (and lost highway) has been documented before.

it was truly instrumental in re-catalyzing my love of film as an artistic medium, and for driving me down the creative path that I'm still navigating as we speak.

my appreciation for, and admiration of, cory strand's work has also been documented before, so when he announced a handful of works based on different aspects of mulholland drive's audio, I had to bite.

while two of the three releases are score manipulations, the one that really caught my eye was the third - a total re-working of the film's audio track.

clocking in at close to two and a half hours, this is not an easy listen by any means. it's by turns ambient, destructive, and contemplative - much like the film itself.

the track arrives on a DVD-R in AIFF format, so if you want the original lossless version, you'll have to grab a copy for yourself - there are still one or two available as of this writing.

I've split this into three RAR files - download all three, then extract. it works, I've tested it.

and, as always - buy something from altar of waste and support cory's work...he's given us all so much, and there's still so much more to come, especially with his newly-unveiled subscription series.

no matter what sub-sub-genre you're into, he'll have something perfect.

(buy a copy from altar of waste.)

(part one.)

(part two.)

(part three.)


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    1. this should be right up your alley, my friend.

  2. I hate to ask. I know these things aren't always easy or even possible, but a re-up maybe?