Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ligature - paradise.

Ligature - Paradise


66.28 MB

1. Window To The World
2. Paradise I
3. 11581
4. Paradise II

valentine sinclair's clandestine compositions has been quietly putting out great releases for sometime, and I grabbed a copy of this ligature double cassette as soon as it went on sale last week.

this release does not disappoint - great packaging, design, layout, and, of course, sound.

really harsh power electronics with just the right amount of vocals, which add to the chaos perfectly.

and great juxtaposition of ambience and's a surprisingly dynamic release with a real focus on composition, a facet that usually gets lost in the desperate search for overwhelming brutality that's all too common in noise today.

highly recommended, and I'm excited to see something this great come out so early in the year...hopefully it's a sign of great things to come from the label, the artist, and the underground itself.

(buy a copy from clandestine compositions.)

(for clandestine purposes only.)

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