Monday, November 10, 2014

year two - a state of the union.

another year has passed...flown by entirely too quickly, but there are no regrets - it's been a good one, and I hope you all agree.

fewer posts, but higher quality posts - at least I'd like to think so.

with all of your help, I've more than doubled my page views from year one.

so give yourselves a round of applause.

looking forward to starting year three...never thought I'd say that, but it's here. plenty of new content on the horizon as I continue to seek out the best, most thought-provoking new and old releases that aren't available anywhere else in digital form.

and there will be a few other surprises along the way.

it's been tough, at times - work never stops, and I think I've put in more hours this past year than my last few jobs combined. but I'm still excited to share new finds, ripping and scanning as soon as items are received in a rush to get new gems out to all of you.

even more friends have been made, record labels discovered, obscure releases unearthed and brought to light.

and without your support, I wouldn't have that excitement, that drive to share. knowing that those efforts are appreciated means the world to me and propels me forward, forces me to search for anything new and exciting.

so thank you all - again. for sticking with me, for sharing my posts, and to the artists and labels for letting your work be shared - I hope it's all been beneficial.

here's to another year of exciting new musical and artistic discoveries.


  1. Happy "Birthday" fella!

    I'm about 6 weeks away from the start of year 6 ... and I only intended to drop a couple of posts and go away...

    You're right about the support and feedback keeping things takes a lot of time to keep blogs up and running so without it there would be no point.

    You've been nailing it all year. Here's to number 3!

    1. thank you, my friend - your positivity means a lot.

      support and positive feedback from readers is essential - one could not exist without the other.

      and six I hope I'm able to keep this going for that long...

    2. dude, if you quit, I'd have to come find your house to burn stuff!

  2. Thanks for all of your work, time and care, Tom.
    You run one of the best blogs out there, if not the best !
    Long live !

  3. Happy Birthday
    Thank you for your work, For the Quality of your post.

  4. Keep it up. One of my most pleasant finds of the past year.

    1. thanks, always glad to have hooked a new reader.