Friday, November 21, 2014

herukrat - I bear witness.

Herukrat - I Bear Witness


59.09 MB

1. Call To Prayer
2. My Hand Belongs To The Creator Of The World
3. Zikr Of As-Salaam
4. QSIS (Traitors)
5. Al-Fatiha On The Dead
6. Procession Of Our Martyrs
7. Taking Shahada

having spent the last week listening to this first full-length from herukrat, I can't describe how pleased I am that it's finally been unleashed upon the rest of the world.

jackson has been creating harsh noise under this moniker for a couple of years now, and with this latest release, he's really come into his own.

don't get me wrong, I love that early material...but this is so much more evolved, so much more varied, and so much more unique than pretty much anything else out there right now that it's simply staggering.

the influence of islam has been incorporated so perfectly that it's quickly become an inextricable part of the herukrat identity. the sounds, concepts, and culture are all at the forefront here, underscored by dramatic and violent first-rate power electronics.

even without the islamic direction, the music here is still more than worthy of your attention.

check it out via the link below and be sure to grab a copy from total black while it's still in stock.

easily one of the best power electronics releases of the year.

(for preview purposes only.)

(buy a copy from total black.)

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