Monday, February 11, 2013

khfiva - I.

Khfiva - I


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1. Untitled

this reprieve from the noisey drones and screams of damien dubrovnik comes courtesy of the fledgling male activity label.

I was turned onto this tape by my friend at black metal and brews who did a brief but informative profile on a few of male activity's releases that you can read here.

khfiva's debut release is a collection of very dreamy tones and soothing ambience that can serve as a great palate-cleanser between some of the harsher music we all know and love, or just as a perfect record to help you relax after a long day.

the physical release is an edition of thirty copies - white cassettes that have been hand-painted (or should I say, splattered) with royal blue, come housed in a standard case with a hand-numbered j-card.

male activity is very new and while they only have a few releases under their collective belt, they're already selling out quickly. grab a copy of this one here while they're still available and be sure to check out their other releases while you're at it...this is definitely a label to watch.

(for preview purposes only.)