Tuesday, July 22, 2014

various artists - feeding its young from its own breast.

Various Artists - Feeding Its Young From Its Own Breast


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1. Purple Light - Imagine Life Together
 2. Iron Fist Of The Sun - The Despairing Chair
3. Âmes Sanglantes - Through Tempests The Sun Of Freedom Shone To Us
4. Reactive Identity - Live Reaction I
5. Cremation Lily & False Moniker - London Cannot Be Forgiven
6. Menstrual Stench - Crimson Taste
7. Plague Mother - My Hands Are Open
8. Caustic Qualm - Assessed And Undiagnosed
9. Deterge - Robbers Cave
10. RVH - Sleeping Civilisations

finally, the first compilation from zen zsigo's strange rules.

this might not stay up for long, so get it while you can...copies are inexplicably still available, so don't wait - grab one from the link below right now, don't even bother reading the rest of this post. you might recognize a couple artists up there whose work I've shared before, and there are several others whose material I've always wanted to share.

there was also a special edition released that included some extra artwork and a t-shirt...long gone, obviously. sure, strange rules is in the united kingdom, and shipping to the united states isn't cheap...but everything zen releases is absolutely first rate in terms of audio content and physical packaging, so it's more than worth it...but I'm sure most of you already know that.

but those of you who haven't heard of the label or made a purchase are missing out in a serious way. zen's work as cremation lily has produced one of the most consistently excellent discographies in modern power electronics and his curatorial skills (as evidenced by this compilation and his other strange rules releases) are unparalleled.

do your best to support him and his efforts, as well as the efforts of the other fantastic artists collected on this release.

(buy a copy from strange rules.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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