Monday, October 7, 2013

la vierge de nurembourg.

Torturing Nurse / The Rita / Safe / Vomir - La Vierge De Nurembourg


66.77 MB

1. Torturing Nurse - Eliminate (Part I)
2. Torturing Nurse - Eliminate (Part II)
3. The Rita - Diving Knives
4. The Rita - US Divers Vulcan/US Divers Aqua Lung
5. Safe - The Cooling Earth Trail (Part I)
6. Safe - The Cooling Earth Trail (Part II)
7. Vomir - Nothing Is No Title (Part I)
8. Vomir - Nothing Is No Title (Part II)

this four-way split comes courtesy of ireland's dot dot dot music, a record label specializing in the harshest of noise. run by paul hagerty, a member of safe, dot dot dot has been putting out releases on and off for close to ten years now, including material from merzbow and prurient.

but this one, in my humble opinion, is their crowning achievement - four translucent red 7" records inside of a slim plastic case with a full-color insert.

at least a couple of these artists should need no introduction - vomir and the rita have been featured and discussed here ad nauseam. so instead of wasting anymore time, just pick up a copy asap. honestly, don't even bother listening to the rip I've posted below.

just buy it and be proud to own this fantastic collaborative work.


  1. Holy Shit!

    I'd not looked for Paul's label for a while. This is a beautiful surprise. I've got Paul's book "Noise Music" ... the only academic treatise on noise that I've seen...

    Torturing Nurse are a legendary Chinese noise troupe btw.

    Man, this is special!!!

    1. glad to see I could turn you on to another new release.

      I'm pretty sure Paul still has copies available, and I'd love to check out that book sometime....

      I've been learning more about both torturing nurse and safe thanks to this release, so once the internet in our new apartment is restored I'll be doing some intense downloading.