Saturday, April 20, 2013

various artists - svenska dokument.

Various Artists - Svenska Dokument


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1. Enklav - Frontlinjer
2. Hängd - Slagen I Spillror
3. I det röda - Skadeskjuten
4. I det röda - Grå Zon
5. I det röda - Afrika
6. I det röda - Sänkt
7. Iron Pillar - Lord Himself Obliterates
8. Krökta rum - Ett Flyende Landskap
9. Orquere - Molded Reality

it's fitting that my first rip using my new cassette deck would also be my first järtecknet release. what a great one it is, and it's made even better thanks to the drastic increase in sound quality that my new deck has provided.

released in late 2012, this triple cassette compilation collects some of the best noise, power electronics and ambient acts that sweden has to offer. there's something for everyone here - tape manipulation, musique concrète, industrial noise, "no-fi" noise-rock, ambient field recordings, and harsh power electronics are all here in top-notch form. in fact, this probably would've made an appearance on my best-of list for 2012 had I heard it earlier.

even if you're not familiar with any of these acts, the fact that järtecknet is the sister label of posh isolation should be a great indicator of the stellar quality within. none of the tracks disappoint and I highly recommend this to all noise fans.

the three tapes come in a slim, hard plastic case with a small numbered booklet containing artist names, track titles, and artwork. it's all very minimalistic and quite elegant, and fits the music perfectly - a stunning package for a stunning collection of sound.

right now there's one copy for sale on discogs and one copy left at wax deli distro, where I got mine. limited to just ninety-one copies, I'm pretty sure it's sold out everywhere else, but feel free to look around - it's definitely worth picking up, and I give it my highest possible recommendation.

(for preview purposes only.)

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  1. what makes you say that jartecknet is a sister label to posh? if any label in sweden is a sister label, loke has said it would be utmarken

    they do share a number of the same acts, however, im not sure they have the same aesthetic. the artwork on the two labels can be similar but also vastly different.

    i also collect jartecknet releases, let me know if you want to trade