Thursday, April 18, 2013

âmes sanglantes - l'existence des existences.

Âmes Sanglantes - L'Existence Des Existence


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1. La Manifestation
2. L'Ectoplasme

for those of you in the mood for something more caustic, here's a short ep from one of my favorite power electronics projects, pierre-marc tremblay's âmes sanglantes.

as I've discussed in previous posts, tremblay is a powerhouse, running multiple labels - tour de garde, sans issue - as well as a diverse array of musical projects - akitsa, contrepoison, and this one.

this tape has everything we know and love about âmes sanglantes - harsh drones and wild, flailing electronics that form a tight, cohesive whole in a way that few other noise artists can match. released in 2011 by NSN, this may be short but it's nonetheless a great listen. the first track has hints of melody while the second has hints of rhythm, two things which tremblay excels at integrating into such harsh music, and one of the reasons he stands out from the rest of the noise crowd.

copies of the cassette are available on discogs and a legitimate digital version is available on itunes, amongst others.

and inside the j-card is a quote: "contre le monde moderne, contre le système qui carbure á la consommation et les réalités scientifiques contemporaines. laissons place aux manifestations surnaturelles donnons-nous le droit de rêver..." which roughly translates to "against the modern world, against the system fueled consumption and contemporary scientific realities. leave room for the supernatural events give us the right to dream..."

just something to keep in mind while listening...

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  1. The file is no longer available. Could you re-upload it please?