Friday, March 29, 2013

âmes sanglantes - the sum of your disarray.

Âmes Sanglantes - The Sum Of Your Disarray


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1. Intoxicate Meeting
2. Obsessive Torment
3. Into Nothingness
4. The Sum Of Your Disarray
5. Seeker
6. A Long Time Ago
7. As You Choke On Blood
8. I Still Recall

as anyone who's heard it will know, the latest âmes sanglantes split with alberich is absolutely fantastic. so here, for your listening pleasure, is the previous âmes sanglantes full-length on dominick fernow's hospital productions label.

âmes sanglantes is the power electronics moniker of pierre-marc tremblay, who is better known as the mastermind behind the black metal project akitsa and ambient techno/experimental project contrepoison. plus, he's the owner of tour de garde and sans issue editions as well, so he's obviously a busy guy. and yes, this album is available on itunes, but these files are from my own personal rip. honestly, there really isn't all that much to say other than that it's just as incredible as his other material - harsh, abrasive, and chaotic, with a dash of rhythm.

if you like this one (and you certainly should), purchase the digital version on itunes or amazon. the cassette is available used on discogs for very fair prices.

so get on this great album before I'm forced to take it down.

(for preview purposes only.)

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