Saturday, November 14, 2020

sanguine relic - divine stygianism: the bliss in torment


Sanguine Relic - Divine Stygianism: The Bliss in Torment


66.35 MB

1. Prologue
2. Part I: The Idolatress of the Dark Plane
3. Part II: The Cruel Irony of Eternity (The Carnal Bonds are Fading)
4. Part III: Imprisonment of My Soul (The Dark Impulse)
5. Part IV: The Bliss in Torment
6. Part V: Blood for the Moon (Her Majesty Yearns)
7. Part VI: The Moment of All Balance

long time, no see.

limited to seventy-five copies, sold out from the label.

stay safe and keep wearing a mask.

for divine purposes only.


  1. Yesterday we got On The Board back and now you ... I'm calling this a good week :)

    1. good to be back!

      ...and thanks for flagging that on the board post, I totally missed it!

  2. Welcome back! I set up a blog in your absence, inspired by yourself. I'll add you to my list. I am at if you'd do the same

  3. Wow!! Nice comeback!! Also thanks badgerstump for the On The Board update!