Monday, August 24, 2015

(a)sex / rdcd.

(A)Sex / RDCD


99.82 MB

1. RDCD - Dimensions 1
2. RDCD - Dimensions 2
3. RDCD - Dimensions 3
4. RDCD - Dimensions 4
5. RDCD - Around The Bend
6. RDCD - Of Unsound Mind
7. (A)Sex - Glistening Blood Drops Against My Pale Skin

in honor of the excellent (a)sex performance last night, here's a split from (a)sex, the man behind the ebony tower, and RDCD, the man behind phantom cadaver.

not only is mitchell of (a)sex a captivating performer, his recorded output is just as dynamic, and he's also become incredibly prolific in a very short amount of time.

his wall material is consistently challenging and thought-provoking, and his power electronics material is consistently brutal and cathartic.

and the same can be said of john's RDCD material.

lots of great tones, textures, and vocals in this one.

I'm not sure how many copies of this disc were made, but it's seriously excellent and should provide a great starting point for anyone unfamiliar with either (a)sex or RDCD.

a few other (a)sex releases are available via bandcamp - they're all affordable, so please support this hardworking artist who also just happens to be a really nice guy.

and there's plenty of RDCD material available on bandcamp, too.

if you have the chance to see (a)sex live, do whatever you can to bear witness to mitchell's special brand of concentrated fury.

(buy some digital releases.)

(for cathartic purposes only.)


  1. Thanks man! Big thanks!!! Love this. Perfect blog.