Friday, January 25, 2013

crown of cerberus - her strength.

Crown Of Cerberus - Her Strength


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1. Eternal Declaration Of Her Love
2. At The Steps Of Her Throne
3. Lifted By The Might Of Her Mercy
4. Pupils Dilate As She Emits Radiance From Her Lips And Hands
5. Declaration II (Lessons In Love)
6. Past Reflections
7. As The Trumpets Bellow From The Heavens
8. Past Reflections II
9. Her Love Eternal, Even Through And After Death
10. Your Reflection In Her Eyes

here's a relatively new release from cult of craft. sure, it's not exactly metal, but music like this is a great way to relax after the caustic chaos of the svn okklt compilation. and it's on cassette in gorgeous, hand-crafted packaging from a small label, so I'm posting it.

a clear tape with gold liners and purple stickers, it comes wrapped in a woodcut print and bound with a single purple ribbon.

crown of cerberus is an avant-garde, ambient project that utilizes tape loops and field recordings and, according to discogs, falls into the category of "musique concrète." this isn't a genre that I have much experience with, so I can't really comment on where it stands with regard to the prevailing paradigms, but the music itself is ambient, soothing, and very contemplative.

filled with rising and falling tones, short, repetitive loops, and ethereal female vocals, all the music here is incredibly heartfelt and strangely moving. and it's made all the more effective by movie-dialogue intros on sides a and b (aka tracks one and five) that help underline the themes of love and loss.

some material here is a little darker while some is a little lighter. there are tracks on the first side that wouldn't be out of place as the background music to some obscure, intricate cult ritual, while tracks on the second side (especially "her love eternal...") I can imagine swelling up as rain stops and sunlight peaks through parting storm clouds.

it's all very beautiful and I'd love to use it in a film someday soon.

unfortunately, cult of craft doesn't have a webstore, but visit the blog for ordering info. this tape goes for $8 but is limited to only 49 copies, so act fast.

the packaging alone makes it worthwhile, but the music is so breathtaking that it needs to be experienced by all.

(for preview purposes only.)

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