Wednesday, April 10, 2013

bolder than buzzing bugs.

since I've given you all so much free music, now it's your turn to give back.

my girlfriend just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money for her first feature film, "bolder than buzzing bugs," that she will write, direct and star in, and I will be co-producing and acting as the director of photography. and it features lots of droning, ambient, and at times noisy, music that she composed herself.

the film will tell the story of a pair of twins, luke and violet, both of whom are gay, and how they deal with the death of their mother - a woman for whom their feelings are very conflicted, to say the least.

for the kickstarter, instead of the standard "here's why you should give me money" video, we created an epilogue to the film designed to not only give everyone a taste of what it will look and feel like, but also to get people interested in the story itself (and that's where all of these stills come from). although the characters themselves may fall into a particular niche, so much of the story is easily relatable - family conflict, questions of personal identity, high school struggles, relationship problems - that anyone should be able to find something that echoes their own life situations.

my writing partner, jacob reynolds, who starred in harmony korine's "gummo" in 1997, is on board as a producer. the film will be shot in new york city and the hudson valley area later this year. the money will go toward transportation fees, camera rentals, location fees, food costs, and whatever other situations arise - and as anyone who's worked on a small, independent film will know, you never know what misfortunes may occur. 

 and besides, how can you say no to that face?

for more of my own camera work, check out my previous posts on experimental film and my award-nominated short, two years.

all of the applicable links are below. anything you can give will be much appreciated by both of us, and everyone else who gets involved.

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