Thursday, April 18, 2013

rainforest spiritual enslavement - black magic cannot cross water.

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Black Magic Cannot Cross Water


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1. Homes Built Over The Sea
2. Refuges From Black Magic

here's one from dominick fernow's more ambient rainforest-themed electronic project, the appropriately-named rainforest spiritual enslavement. originally released on cassette last year, it's now being issued on vinyl and I urge you all to pick it up.

it's all very ambient, with subtle electronics over nature sounds - rain falling on trees, insects, leaves rustling, etc. it's certainly not the most stirring (read: violent) of fernow's work, but it makes great background music for whatever you may be doing.

the new vinyl version had been available for american buyers via experimedia but it's now sold out. I believe the always-wonderful mount analog in los angeles may have a couple copies, and it's also available from alter, a UK distributor...but that obviously means shipping charges will be obscene for those of us in the US. you can also purchase a legitimate digital version via amazon and itunes...and it's a few dollars cheaper at the latter.

(buy a copy on vinyl from alter.)

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