Sunday, December 30, 2012

experimental cinema.

here are two experimental films of mine from 2010.

lately, the terms "experimental" and "avant-garde" have been increasingly used to apologize and cover up for inept editing and camera work, instead of a subversion of prevailing cinematic paradigms.

so these were my attempt to restore meaning to those important but diluted terms.

the first, "no way out," is a kaleidoscopic visual interpretation of nature, rot, and violence.

here are a few stills:

(watch it here on vimeo.)

the second, "fragments of memory and longing," is an examination of how time and place interconnect with memories and emotions.

it also features my wonderful and talented girlfriend, chantelle joy fuoco, whose expression in the last shot is just perfect.

again, here are a few stills:

(watch it here on vimeo.)

and I have a couple more that might get done some day...maybe.