Friday, April 12, 2013

ruin lust - demo 2011

Ruin Lust - Demo 2011


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1. Untitled
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with the new fell voices album, regnum saturni, being recently released (and quite good), I figured I'd post this 2011 demo by ruin lust, one of the drummer's side projects. many of you probably have it already but since all the current links seem to be dead, anyone late to the party is in luck.

this really doesn't bear a whole lot of sonic similarity to fell voices but it's still a nice almost twenty minutes of blackened death metal - the music is a little bass-heavy but fast paced and decidedly black, while the vocals definitely lean more toward the death end of the spectrum.

according the psychic violence webstore, an lp will be released as soon as the everyone returns from ash borer's european tour - whether it'll be this demo expanded and remastered or something entirely new, well, I don't know, but I'm hoping for the latter - regardless, it'll be worth checking out.

since it all sounds so clean (and the tracks are untitled), I'm pretty sure this version is ripped from the original cdr release, but I've included the cassette artwork simply because it's much, much better, and actually makes me want to listen to the album instead of ignore it.

while you're familiarizing yourselves with fell voices side projects, also be sure to check out sleepwalker as well as the new ash borer ep, "bloodlands" - listen to the first track on bandcamp and then preorder at gilead media.

also, this is my fiftieth post. here's to fifty more.

(more info on fell voices.)

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  1. Yep, to fifty and a lot more. The new Fell Voices is awesome ;)

    1. thanks buddy, I really appreciate it.

      and it sure is.