Friday, April 26, 2013

record store day, part two - silent servant / regis split.

Silent Servant / Regis - Split


22.9 MB

1. Silent Servant - Lust Abandon
2. Regis - The Holy Show

...and here we have the second record store day exclusive tape from mount analog, a split between silent servant and regis. the former recently released a full-length, "negative fascination," on hospital productions, of which mount analog distributed an exclusive version containing a switchblade, amongst other extras. the latter recently released an EP, "turin versions," on blackest ever black.

significantly shorter than the other tape, this one features just one track from each artist. but they're solid tracks, so who am I to argue.

both tracks are right in their creators' wheelhouses and together make for a very brief but highly enjoyable split. and in my eyes, that's exactly what a split should be - enough to get you interested but short enough to keep you wanting more.

as I mentioned in the previous post, this one is already sold out at the mount analog online shop. but who knows, maybe they have a copy or two floating around the retail location.

(for preview purposes only.)

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