Friday, April 5, 2013

stillbirth - toward sailor.

Stillbirth - Toward Sailor


57.64 MB

1. Serotonin (Placing The Son By The Sea)
2. Melotonin (At Rest. In Bed. On Deck.)

here's another one from hospital productions, that also happens to be another find from mount analog. I had been wanting to check this album out for quite a while, so when I saw this record barely used and selling for a very affordable price, I jumped.

my only prior experience with stillbirth was via white eye of winter watching. their track on that compilation was very noisy and synth-based, so I was definitely not prepared for what was contained within "toward sailor." these two tracks, one on each side of this lp, definitely fall into a much more ambient category.

lots of warm, almost inviting synths open both tracks, slowly twisting and turning, building and receding, until finally turning into cacophonies of noise by the last couple minutes. certainly not what I was expecting, but a very pleasing listen nonetheless - and definitely one of the more soothing, dare I say melodic, hospital releases I've ever heard. I'd almost liken it to a slightly more noisy lussuria.

legitimate digital versions are available on itunes and amazon, as is the case with a good number of hospital's amazing releases. there are also quite a few copies of the lp available on discogs, so you really have no excuse not to pick this one up.

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