Wednesday, June 5, 2019

s.t.a.b. electronics - enemy of pigs.

S.T.A.B. Electronics - Enemy Of Pigs


77.21 MB

1. High Infant Mortality
2. Slug
3. Her Dead Eyes
4. Of Misandry
5. Sic Semper Tyranis
6. Violent Reprise
7. I Am Going To Die (And So Are You)

new collection of virulent power electronics from s.t.a.b. electronics courtesy of unrest productions.

copies are currently available from analog worship in both cassette and LP formats.

sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been...busy.

more on that soon.

(for stabbing purposes only.)

Saturday, April 27, 2019

magazine - the remix tapes.

Magazine - The Remix Tapes


102.86 MB

1. Treriksröset - Untitled
2. Werewolf Jerusalem - Untitled
3. Werewolf Jerusalem - Untitled

double cassette included with all special edition box sets of new forces' recent reissue of the rita's "magazine" featuring remixes from treriksröset and werewolf jerusalem.

the box set is easily one of the best packages I've picked up in a while and comes packed with a ton of great extras...although I wish I had sprung for one of those longsleeves.

anyway, copies of the standard double LP edition are still available from the label, plus there's a digital version on bandcamp.

(for remix purposes only.)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

lingua ignota / the rita.

Lingua Ignota / The Rita ‎– Commissioned


54.67 MB

1. Lingua Ignota - The Girl From The Streets
2. Lingua Ignota - Jolene
3. The Rita - Black Eye Makeup Headband
4. The Rita - Makeup Circles On The Cheeks

new release from total black.

really interesting juxtaposition between these two sides...the lingua ignota tracks eschew noise entirely for a mournful, somber atmosphere while the rita tracks are...well...they're the rita.

copies are still available from the label, so buy one and support the artists and label.

(for commission purposes only.)

Friday, February 22, 2019

unholy vampyric slaughter sect - bizarre binding ritual.

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Bizarre Binding Ritual


15.74 MB

1. Bizarre Binding Ritual

other new UVSS tape, one long track blending all of their styles together.


(for bizarre purposes only.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

unholy vampyric slaughter sect - order of the rose cross.

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Order Of The Rose Cross


23.58 MB

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

super limited self-released cassette from UVSS.

there were pretty distinct breaks between each section, so I split it into separate tracks.

ambient, melodic intro followed by two scathingly furious tracks, then a rather intriguing, almost jazzy outro.

really great stuff on this one, highly recommended.

will post bizarre binding ritual soon enough...

(for unholy purposes only.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2018: the year in review.

2018 is over.


it was a busy year, filled with lots of cool stuff...definitely my most productive yet, and I appreciate the continued support.

digitally ascendant was nominated for DELETE TV's best of the year...didn't win, though.

run until you're out debuted at new noise and screened as part of the coney island film festival.

I curated the first solo show by beeple and got a mention in vice.

I took over as director of where in the hell is the lavender house, a feature documentary about longmont potion castle.

...and the lavender house soundtrack made it onto billboard's top comedy albums chart for a week.

my latest art video, (memories of) degraded realms, debuted at autumn electronix II.

I made a video for street sects that's online...but it's technically "unofficial." maybe I'll post an explanation of my process here in the coming days...

lastly, I successfully crowdfunded my next narrative film, which will be shooting in the spring.

so, yeah...super busy...more news about my own creative work can be found here.

as busy and stressful as all of this has been, it's also been the most creatively fulfilling year of my life. 2019 is already looking to be even more action-packed...besides the narrative short, I'm gonna be cranking out a new video art piece in the next month and a half, filming a legendary band at irving plaza, figuring out distribution plans for the LPC doc, and hopefully curating a show by a ground-breaking visual artist that I can't yet discuss...fingers crossed that there'll be more on that soon.

as I continue to refine my literary and visual practices, I know that my best work is still ahead of me and that, more than anything else, is what makes me excited for the future...and in this day and age, we have to draw excitement and satisfaction from whatever we can despite the world looking more and more hopeless and dysfunctional every day.

a few of my favorite albums are below. they're probably not as underground as you all might like, but it is what it is.


best of the year, in no particular order

rebel wizard - voluptuous worship of rapture and response
by far the album that I listened to the most this year...riffs that bury themselves in your brain and never let go.

imperial triumphant - vile luxury
jazzy, progressive, and super, I love the art deco new york city imagery.

portrayal of guilt - let pain be your guide
reminds me of pg.99...violent, urgent, and vital.

a perfect circle - eat the elephant
arguably the worst cover art of the year (although that's a tight race), but maynard's performance is fucking great, as usual.

xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx - gore 2.0
I can't decide if this is hilariously amazing or amazingly hilarious, but it's dumb, fun, and surprisingly well-crafted...and sometimes we all need music like that.

thou - magus
those EPs were just appetizers for this, the main course...and it delivers in a more immediate, memorable way than heathen.

bašmu - infernal circles of the sabbat
murky and dark with just the right vocal timbre.

esoctrilihum - inhüma
this band put out not one but two stellar releases this year, and both are worthy of your time and money...but where are the vinyl versions?

street sects - the kicking mule
great people making great music who are building the following that they video is viewable, so do me a favor and check it out.

tsunxmi - pictures of you
bludhoney is a great label with consistent, quality material and great packaging.

the rita - sharks and the female form
one of the most inventive packages in my collection, I'll never hesitate to pick up anything sam puts out.

marsh dweller - wanderer
completely different from the last record, which threw me for a loop at first...but this scratches an itch that I haven't felt since isis called it quits.

cult leader - a patient man
perfect blend of hardcore insanity with more mellow, reflective moments.

bonedust - fruit of the ash
this was released digitally in 2017 but came out in physical form in 2018 via lee's excellent label...absolutely stellar in every way.

portal - ion
it's portal...what more can I say?

unholy vampyric slaughter sect - the power of unordained light
originally I had GVAU on here...but this one blows it away.

chapel of disease - ...and as we have seen the storm, we have embraced the eye
another unexpected, last-minute addition...amazing guitar work that lingers in my head for days at a time.


that's it for now.

if you've got a sound project and are interested in a visual element, shoot me an email.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

don't forget to remember.

Don't Forget To Remember

an experimental short film by Thomas D. Rotenberg

these last three months has been one of the most mentally taxing creative periods I've ever experienced.

confronting the inner workings of my mind and bringing them to life via abstracted visuals is a process that I've become increasingly comfortable with, but putting myself out into the world has never been an easy task.

over the last three months, we've been preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign, which went live yesterday. 

this short film, which you can read more about over at our seed & spark page, is just the first thread in a larger storyline that will eventually encompass an episodic series, a feature film, and an immersive experience. 

let's face it, the world in which we currently find ourselves feels hopeless much of the time. society feels like it's inching closer and closer to a breaking point - political, economic, and social instability is all around, no matter what side of the political spectrum any one individual might align with. 

but we have to hope for something better, and we can all play a part in that if we so choose. 

that's what this film is really about. 

the storyline follows subject zero, a young woman who takes it upon herself to make a last-ditch effort to do whatever she can to cure the world of a fatal form of insomnia that's afflicted every living creature on earth ever since a visitation by an otherworldly force.

mysterious communications guide her every move, helping her navigate an ever-branching path fraught with potential destruction at every turn.

she is us, and we are her. desperate to escape the predicament we've found ourselves mired in, she doesn't know why she's important - just that she is, and she forces this knowledge to galvanize her so that she can walk a path that's hers alone.

I've dealt with depression for about two-thirds of my life, and I know how hard it can be to forge ahead and fight against every ounce of your being telling you that you're not capable and not wanted. but with the right help and the right people by your side, anything is possible, and it's that sense of hope that I want this film to inspire in others.

it's been close to ten years since I last made a traditional narrative film, but I've never stopped honing my skills, and I'm so excited for the opportunity to bring this world and this story to life. part of what excited me about this adventure is the chance to infuse a (relatively) traditional narrative with the abstract visual methodology I've established over the last few years with my video art.

we're just starting to build our team, and one of the cornerstones is josh graham, who will be composing the music.

josh should be familiar to all of you...that could be via his time doing visuals for neurosis, or his primary band a storm of light, or via his side projects battle of mice and red sparowes. his solo exhibition, standard model catastrophes, was the first show I ever curated and we've since stayed in touch, occasionally running into each other at events, and sometimes contributing solo work to different exhibitions.

he's been making ambient electronic music as IIVII for a few years now and I knew that the sounds being created under the moniker would be a perfect fit for the world I'm attempting to conjure.

I couldn't possibly be more excited about having him on board. be sure to check out our incentives...josh has generously agreed to lend his time to consult with a few select backers, so jump on that incentive before it's gone.

but even if you can't afford a fancy incentive, anything that you're able to contribute would mean the world to me. and if you can't contribute anything, please share the project with your friends and help get the word out...that's the most important part.

please help us out and be a part of the world we're bringing to life.

(for contribution purposes only.)