Tuesday, August 28, 2018

the rita - letestu.

The Rita - Letestu


19.22 MB

1. La Courtisane
2. Paquita

new seven-inch release from the rita dedicated to agnès letestu, a french ballet dancer.

read sam's description of his latest release here, it's much more thorough than I could ever be and I don't feel like paraphrasing.

send him an email to grab a copy and support the artist.

(for ballet purposes only.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

lay waste / future of pulse.

Mania / Deterge - Lay Waste / Future Of Pulse


85.6 MB

1. Deterge - Gun Free Zone (49 And 58)
2. Deterge - See The Screen
3. Deterge - Three Hours, Twelve Minutes
4. Deterge - Stuffed, Soft
5. Mania - Lay Waste

new split from these two legends courtesy of fusty cunt.

copies of the standard edition are still available from the label.

what more can I really say...an intense and cathartic listen, highly recommended.

(buy a copy.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

cross rot.

Cross Rot - Collection


118.76 MB

1 - 7: Demo II
8 - 11: Demo MMXIII
12 - 21: Ixuvik Reh.
22 - 24: Split with Floridian Winter 
25 - 28: First Light Reh. MMXIII

some of this is already floating around on metal area, but here's the entire cross rot discography courtesy of fallow field.

this newly compiled double-cassette looks and sound great, and comes highly recommended.

it's (gasp) still available from the label via the link below...grab one ASAP.

(buy a copy from fallow field.)

(for preview purposes only.)

Sunday, July 22, 2018

beyond a single breeding cycle.

Scant / Pleasure Island / Shredded Nerve - Beyond A Single Breeding Cycle


112.33 MB

1. Scant - Segregation
2. Scant - Distancing
3. Pleasure Island - Hall Of Columns
4. Pleasure Island - Preserved In Paraffin
5. Pleasure Island - Laying In State
6. Pleasure Island - Surrounded By Flowers
7. Shredded Nerve - Severe Deficiency
8. Shredded Nerve - Extensive Research Yields No Result

new three-way split courtesy of thousands of dead gods featuring some mainstays of the power electronics scene - scant, pleasure island, and shredded nerve.

the dead gods big cartel seems to be down at the moment, but maybe when it comes back up they'll still have a few copies.

lots of variety here and it all comes together very nicely.

definitely a label to dig into, if you haven't already.

(for breeding cycle purposes only.)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

the rita - sharks and the female form.

The Rita - Sharks And The Female Form


65.47 MB

1. Untitled
2. Untitled

this new release from the rita comes in some stellar packaging...inserts featuring shark attack photographs and abstract art are paired with torn and blood-spattered women's bathing suit fragments to form a startling and immersive whole.

each side opens with audio of a woman describing a shark attack, followed by very textured yet brittle walls.

I haven't been listening to a ton of HNW lately but sam's work always manages to pull me back in. this one is out of stock from the label but reach out to sam via his blog, he might have a few copies left.

highly recommended.


(for shark knifing purposes only.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

various artists - häretischer kreis.

Various Artists - Häretischer Kreis


59.4 MB

1. Swine Soul - Violent Self-Spiraling Forever Towards Utter Oblivion
2. Immatura Morte - Exclamavit Autem Mortis...
3. Xzælthu - Untitled
4. Gormanudr - Ages Of Blood
5. Funerary Temple - Chanting Woes Through The Chambers Of Flesh

co-released by perverse homage and hatework, this compilation brings together a host of stellar artists for a sonically and aesthetically cohesive side of furious black metal.

a few of these artists were new to me, but everything here is great and this easily stands up as one of the finest compilations I've heard all year.

somehow, copies are still available from perverse homage...so grab one quickly and don't miss out.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

hand of glory - to molest the dreaming...

Hand Of Glory - To Molest The Dreaming...


62.21 MB

1. Curses Of Nightgaunt Sorcery
2. Romancing The Corpses At Night
3. Death Vessel
4. Undecayed Dynasties Of Imperial Vampire
5. To Molest The Dreaming...
6. Ghostly Chambers In Soulless Chasm
7. Gruesome Esoteric Pedophilia

there are a couple of tape rips of this floating around in the corners of the internet, but this new vinyl pressing (and first release) from livor mortis with a remaster by lampir sounds so much better that I felt it was worth sharing.

hand of glory belongs to house of first light, a brooklyn-based black metal collective primarily responsible for releasing the works of lam, who's also behind sanguine eagle, amongst others.

check out more from house of first light, and be sure to keep an eye on livor mortis...shipping from finland to the united states is expensive, but the pressings are super limited and the curation is impeccable.

(for dreaming purposes only.)