Saturday, February 17, 2018

melancholic chants yield wounds in the night.

Moraš / Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Melancholic Chants Yield Wounds In The Night


29.92 MB

1. Moraš - Lair Of The Inanimated
2. Moraš - Soulless Watches
3. Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Bloodletting At The Gates Of The Lycanthrope (A Serenade For The Pale Bride)

the main draw here for me was new UVSS material, but the tracks from moraš (with whom I was previously unfamiliar), are really solid and I'm actively digging through their catalogue now.

the UVSS material leans a little more toward the ambient side than some of their more recent material, with howling wolves and other ominousness filling out the track beyond the usual blackened fury.

great stuff, and I wish it wasn't all over so quickly.

sold out from the source, but maybe analog worship will be getting copies...

(for melancholic purposes only.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

various artists - remnants of sacrificial perversion.

Various Artists - Remnants Of Sacrificial Perversion


73.37 MB

1. Funeral Altar - Rivers Of Human Sacrifice
2. Funeral Altar - Plagued Curses
3. Funeral Altar - Dethroned Banner, Blackened Empire
4. Obsidian Grave - Intro
5. Obsidian Grave - Aeons Of Inhuman Torment
6. Obsidian Grave - Unrelenting Excruciation Within Forgotten Corridors
7. Kaznaxtheh - Through Sickness Carved An Awakening In Death
8. Megalith Grave - As Moonlight Casts Upon White Eyes
9. Megalith Grave - Cursed Vampyric Lamentation

this new 4-way split from perverse homage doesn't disappoint.

new material from old favorites funeral altar and megalith grave works perfectly with the obsidian grave and kaznaxtheh tracks.

obviously this is long sold out, but don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on discogs to get a copy...just enjoy the music.

(for sacrificial purposes only.)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

order of darkness - ruins of mysticism and plague.

Order Of Darkness - Ruins Of Mysticism And Plague


25.72 MB

1. Esoteric Sorcery
2. Monolith Of Sacrifice

new demo from order of darkness courtesy of perverse homage.

two tracks of unforgiving audio.

all tapes are hand-numbered and dedicated to the owner.

check out their previous release here.

really solid stuff, looking forward to hearing more from this project in the future.

(for mystic purposes only.)

Saturday, December 16, 2017

MBD - incorruptible.

MBD - Incorruptible


19.57 MB

1. Glorious Sanctity!
2. The Men And Women Who Do Not Fear Entropy

short but sweet new release from MBD via fusty cunt.

described by the label as, "power electronics based around christian, buddhist and hindu corpse worship," there's a ton of atmosphere and texture here.

be sure to pick up this and all of the other releases from fusty cunt ASAP...they always go fast.

(for sanctimonious purposes only)

Friday, November 17, 2017

funeral altar / ghaisiuan II.

Funeral Altar / Ghaisiuan II


55.64 MB

1. Ghaisiuan - Untitled
2. Funeral Altar - Untitled
3. Funeral Altar - Untitled

newest split from the two perverse homage staples.

the funeral altar side sounds great, as expected...these tracks really build on what was started in the full-length and they're first-rate.

as stated when it went on sale, the ghaisiuan side was recorded on a broken machine and sounds rough...not that I have an inherent problem with that.

in fact, I think it's an interesting experiment in adds an almost generative element, where even the artist doesn't know how the final outcome will sound until it's finished.

the resulting track is very noisy, very sounds like the guitar and some vocal elements are present, but everything else is in the process of being engulfed by a black hole...probably not what most of you were hoping for, but it adds a new layer to this release, which would've otherwise just been a standard (albeit excellent) makes it into experimental sound art, a generative exercise in unintended my ears, at least.

definitely check it out.

(for split purposes only.)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

vanatur - landscapes of khor virap.

Vanatur - Landscapes Of Khor Virap


35.53 MB

1. The Rites Of Pagan Children
2. Reborn Blood Oaths

hot off the presses from the latest perverse homage update, here's the debut (as far as I can tell) from armenian black metal horde vanatur.

only two tracks, but they're substantial and really great.

plenty of riffs, ghostly shrieks, and a surprisingly audible recording make for a really excellent release.

highly recommended.

more from the latest batch coming soon...

(for preview purposes only.)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

digitally ascendant.

"Digitally Ascendant"

created as part of "Identity 0.0," curated by Leo Kuelbs and Aaron Riedel

as some of you may know, I've spend spring and summer of this year working on a new commissioned video for a curated show focused on the fluid nature of identity in the 21st century.

the concept was first mentioned to me almost a year ago, and in january of this year I started testing out visual concepts and brainstorming story ideas, but it wasn't until may that the pieces finally started to fall into place.

this video was a so many of my past works, I wanted to incorporate narrative text, but there were two obstacles: first, I didn't want the viewer's ability to read to the text to interfere with the viewer's ability to understand the video. second, I wanted the text itself to be interesting to look at, even if the viewer isn't interested in reading it.

unlike a lot of artists and filmmakers I know, I love have constraints placed upon the work I'm trying to create. those obstacles guide me and force me to think in new ways.

because music is so integral to all of my work (and my daily life in general), I had to find a sound artist who aligned with my aesthetic and could create both ambient atmospherics and crushing power electronics. I've been a massive theologian fan ever since the further I get from your star..., and was thrilled when lee agreed to be a part of this project.

and that's when the concept finally came together.

imagine a world, post-singularity, in which mankind exists in a solely digital state. one machine (played by my lovely girlfriend) is responsible for maintaining those digital lives, and as that machine is flooded with requests for identity changes, it slowly begins to malfunction until it has no choice but to reset itself.

the story is told through written text that was designed and laid out by jorden haley, who also created the sacred geometry-esque patterns that turn and rotate like cogs in an ancient machine.

lee and jorden were (and are) fantastic collaborators, and it was their hard work that took my initial idea and visuals to a new place.

from the outset, it was important to visualize the shift from a physical reality into a digital one. after much trial and error, and a lot of youtube tutorials, I found a method that allowed me transform two-dimensional video footage into three-dimensional particles that could be distorted and manipulated on a z-axis. maintaining particle definition with an h.264 codec was also a little challenging, but a few dozen exports later, I managed to get the settings just right.

on the audio side, I think lee sent me about a dozen different tracks, and I pieced together the final mix myself. the score is currently available to stream and purchase on lee's bandcamp.

to make things even more challenging for myself, I created special versions for the media center's 5760x1080 video wall and 9024x800 360-degree projection. so come on out to the opening reception to check out my work, as well as all of the other videos in the show, then swing by the manhattan bridge to see it again in a different format.

and don't miss ende tymes...really excited and honored to be a part of such a stellar lineup. my video is showing on sunday, but the entire festival is worth checking out.

buy ende tymes tickets for friday, saturday, or sunday...or get a weekend pass.