Thursday, April 25, 2013

maesus - call of the black plague.

Maesus - Call Of The Black Plague


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1. Scorching Smell Of Human Torches
2. Call Of The Black Plague
3. From Beyond The Tomb
4. Torture And Misery

here we have the debut demo from portugal's maesus, "call of the black plague," released earlier this year via skull productions. I decided to take a chance on this after listening to a sample on the fallen empire webstore and it doesn't disappoint.

this is probably the most old-school leaning black metal release I've posted - buzzsaw guitars; shrieking, raspy vocals; blastbeats that sound like they're being played on a tin can - it's all here, it's all ferocious, and it's all excellent.

I don't have much to say about this one. maesus blast through these four tracks in about thirteen and a half minutes. there are no ambient interludes, no drawn-out orchestral arrangements, nothing at all to distract from the full-frontal assault of the music.

my only complaint would have to be the mix - the guitars can be a little overwhelming at times and tend to drown out all of the other sounds. but isn't dealing with poor mixes part of the fun of listening to lo-fi black metal demos? of course it is.

skull productions has released some excellent material by great acts like ostots and white medal, so don't be afraid to take a chance on some other artists you may not have heard of - and since fallen empire has a solid selection to choose from, those of us in america won't have to break the bank on shipping.

(buy a copy from fallen empire.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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