Saturday, August 3, 2013

blodvite - falskt spektrum.

Blodvite - Falskt Spektrum


90.28 MB

1. Anachorein
2. Manipulerade Sinnen
3. Blödande Färger

here we have the newest blodvite tape, "falskt spektrum," released in may of this year by järtecknet. if you've enjoyed any of the label's previous releases, you'll definitely dig this one - it's nearly fifty minutes of noisy, industrial tape loops and manipulated field recordings.

everything is very distorted and very jagged, but viktor ottosson (who also runs järtecknet) definitely has an ear for these types of compositions - there are plenty of more ambient moments juxtaposed with the more industrial sounds that populate the majority of this recording. aside from simply letting the listener breathe, this down time also gives the harsh sections that much more impact.

the tape and j-card are manufactured and designed expertly. the former is clearly labeled with a sticker on each side while the latter is professionally printed on high-quality paper. I bought my copy from mount analog and you should, too - there's a link below. a few copies are also available on discogs, so feel free to go that route if you want....but why not support an independent label and an independent record store at the same time?

(buy a copy from mount analog.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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