Monday, July 29, 2013

various artists - through the gate of the silver key.

Various Artists - Through The Gate Of The Silver Key


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Side Of First Death
1. Warkilled - Decapitational Lems
2. Offerkult - Then We Ate Them
3. Black Mastrobation - Mastrobation In Black Vomits
4. Captain Syphilis - Eaten
5. Nocthornialh - Dolbsdug Rendår
6. Repulfixion - Clit Ripper
7. Grigorien - De Knuste Søjler
8. Gastabloss - Helhjem
9. Fallen Angel - Shepherd Of The Hopeless (Rehearsal)
10. Goatfallos - Ghastly Hornsumption
11. Purification Kommando - I Am The Hammer (Of Satan)
12. Rigor Feaces - Infuckable Missbuidence

Side Of Second Death
1. Helsot - Profane Necrosabbath
2. Narcorgasm - Boiling Heroin Cauldron
3. Deform - Parterede Præster
4. Luciation - Drunk In Phlegmatic Vomitjuice
5. Manholm - Grass Æ Kierk (Impro-Fuck Version)
6. Udgaard - Unreleased Rehearsal 1
7. Udgaard - Unreleased Rehearsal 2
8. Nastran - Black Goat Ritual
9. Goatfago - The End Of Nuclear Goat Reign
10. Draupner - Veins Forsaken
11. Prhorxnyox - Satanic Warcult
12. Vissen Pind - Jeg Er Bange For Folk Med Store Næser

yeah, that's quite the tracklist....probably the longest (and filthiest) I've actually written out on here. and the music contained within is just as filthy and grimy as those band names and song titles would lead you to believe.

released just a few months ago by silver key records and phlegm productions, this tape compiles some of the most raw, depraved, and brutal acts in the danish underground.

I picked it up simply for the tracks from luciation and nastran, both of whom have multiple releases on posh isolation, but there's a ton of quality material here from other bands I'd previously never knew existed.

the music on here ranges from black metal to noise to death metal, not to mention combinations of all three, so I'm sure you'll all find something here to enjoy. the recording quality varies wildly from track to track, but I think it adds a kind of an "old-school mixtape" feeling that's missing from a lot of compilations today.

stop by analog worship via the link below to pick up your own copy and definitely be on the lookout for other tapes by silver key and phlegm productions. discogs is probably your best bet, as most releases are already sold out from the labels themselves.

(buy a copy from analog worship.)

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