Friday, August 9, 2013

rub el hizb - ۞ II.

Rub El Hizb - ۞ II


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1. V
2. VI
3. VII

technically, the band's name is that little symbol, but it's just easier to type it out....and more searchable, too. after their previous release on colony, I was eager to hear more from this mysterious act, so I picked up rub el hizb's second demo, released in mid-february of this year by ydnirgal productions.

this is some extremely noisy and very raw black metal, with much more of a focus on the lower end of the audio spectrum than, say, sutekh hexen. the first three tracks lean toward the black metal side of things and feature distorted, almost tribal drumming, fuzzy guitars, and vocals that cut through the ether. the last track, however, is straight up noise, filled with oscillating tones and waves of guitar feedback.

the production is a little muddier than I'd like but these guys clearly have the skills to carve out their own niche in the black noise subgenre alongside like-minded acts like wold and the aforementioned sutekh hexen. with another release or two, they just might be able to pull it off.

limited to just fifty hand-numbered copies, this one is still available from the label via the link below. although the label is based in argentina and shipping is pricey, they're offering a code for international buyers that'll give you a slight discount - just stop by the store for more details.

(buy a copy from ydnirgal productions.)

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