Sunday, August 25, 2013

wet nurse - victim of apology letter.

Wet Nurse - Victim Of Apology Letter


18.26 MB

1. A Rose Amongst Thorns
2. Deflowered

winnipeg-based noise label male activity isn't shooting to the top quite as quickly as, say, total black, but this still-fledgling label is slowly but surely churning out some really solid tapes with increasingly excellent packaging. after being pleased with the previous tape I picked up, my friend at black metal and brews reviewed a couple of the newer ones and inspired me to make another purchase.

this tape, limited to just twenty copies, is a short-but-sweet ten minutes of haunting noise with some nicely layered vocals. the first track has an industrial edge, with male and female vocals in a call-and-response pattern. the second track is a little more ambient and features only the male vocals, and compliments the first track perfectly.

the packaging, as mentioned above, is excellent. the tape and info card come in a sealed, oversized envelope with a handful of dried flower petals and stems. it perfectly captures (and adds to) the mournful, depressed atmosphere of the music.

there are two other wet nurse releases on male activity, one of which is available from the label, the other of which is sold out and thus only available on discogs. this release, and many other male activity tapes, are shockingly cheap and would all make great additions to any collection.

(buy a copy from male activity.)

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  1. correct artist name is "wet nurse." with a period. always has been, always will be. here's a download link with proper ID3 tags cheers