Wednesday, August 7, 2013

sharing is caring: nichts fur niemand.

The New Blockaders with The Haters & Vomir‎ - Nichts Fur Niemand


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1. Nichts Fur Niemand

metallic imagery was recently added to the blogroll over at bleak bliss, and that blog's proprietor also shared my rip of the rita's second retrospective - two things that have drastically increased my daily page view numbers.

so, to say thank you, I'm sharing one of his recent posts - a collaboration between the new blockaders, the haters, and vomir. this release has something of a sordid history - apparently there was a pre-sale, every copy was sold, and then no one received anything. it seems a couple people received their copies as this rip is now available, but a lot of customers were left with nothing but frustration.

but with a title that translates to "nothing for nobody," maybe - as the static fanatic says - that was the intent from the beginning. at least the music itself is a solid, twenty-minute track of power electronics over a background of harsh noise wall. there's a wide variety of sounds and textures here and it should appeal to noise fans of all types.

so head over to bleak bliss via the link below and download this long-awaited release - despite the package's stigma, the music is absolutely worthwhile.

(original post on bleak bliss.)

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