Wednesday, August 14, 2013

soft option killing - s/t.

Soft Option Killing - S/T


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here's some fine industrial-tinged noise from soft option killing, released in 2010 by a certain excellent noise label.

originally self-released, this reissue every bit as well-packaged as the aforementioned label's other releases. I haven't been able to track down any of soft option killing's other releases, but they do have a pair of releases on unrest productions that I'd love to check out.

there's a lot of atmosphere on this release - everything almost sounds as if it was recorded live in a large, empty room. it's extremely effective and makes the noise seem that much more real, that much more present. there's also a great balance between the higher and lower ends of sonic spectrum. too many artists rely on either really high-pitched, sharp sounds, while others rely on lower, more subliminally-unsettling sounds, but soft option killing land right in the middle, incorporating both to great effect. and, when paired with just the right amount of ambience, you have a release that manages to stand out for all the right reasons, even amongst the label's heaviest hitters.

copies are available on discogs. other than that, I don't know - I haven't found a legitimate digital version, nor have I been able to track down any info on soft option killing besides what's on their discogs page. but if anyone out there has any info (or a rip) they'd like to share, well, I'd be much obliged.

(for preview purposes only.)

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