Tuesday, April 1, 2014

jute gyte / venowl.

Jute Gyte / Venowl


1. Jute Gyte - For The Nightly Ascent Of The Hunter Orion Over A Forest Clearing
2. Jute Gyte - The Rib
3. Venowl - Snowbed

two of my favorite black metal acts have finally come together for a split of epic proportions. although venowl have done a few split releases, jute gyte's entire output has been almost exclusively solo releases (the notable exception being a single track on the svn okklt compilation).

just as I expected, this split brings out great tracks from both artists - and some of my favorite tracks, to be quite honest. jute gyte have already released a fantastic album this year and this one venowl track has me extremely excited for their next release.

and while I don't have a physical version of this release (yet), the full-color j-card looks stunning and I'm sure the complete package will be up to black horizons' usual standards.

you may remember black horizons as the label that released the amazing frozen in time compilation late last year. it ended up one one of my best-of lists for not only containing some amazing music, but for the stand-out packaging as well.

this tape should be going up for sale sometime later this week - don't pass up a chance to buy a copy of what will undoubtedly be one of the best splits of the year.

(keep an eye on black horizons.)

(stream the full split at black metal and brews.)

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