Friday, April 4, 2014

various artists - eros.

Various Artists - Eros


113.91 MB + 91.63 MB

1. Tongue Knax - Tacks On Bare Breath
2. Mordant Karma - Philtre
3. Arv & Miljö - Bellevue I
4. Arv & Miljö - Bellevue II
5. Arv & Miljö - Bellevue III
6. Blodvite - Theatron
7. Endless Sea - Carrying A Spoon
8. Elisha Morningstar - Stand To Exist And Remain
9. Skin Graft - There Is No Chance In Hell
10. Developer - Untitled

well look what we have here...coming to us courtesy of a dear girl called wendy, eros is a perfectly curated and packaged compilation spanning four cassettes.

with tracks from blodvite, tongue knax, arv & miljö, and skin graft, this is one that no noise fan should pass up. and I had never heard of endless sea before, but their track here is absolutely fantastic.

this is easily the most lovingly packaged wendy release yet, with pro-printed cassettes and small cards featuring artist names and track titles. it's a high quality package and truly demonstrates the label's capabilities.

I doubt any distros still have copies in stock, so keep an eye on the discogs page and maybe one will show up...I can't imagine why anyone would want to get rid of this, but you never know.

as always, do your best to support all of these artists and this label in whatever ways possible. they're worth it.

(sides a - d.)

(sides e - h.)

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