Thursday, December 26, 2013

various artists - frozen in time.

Various Artists  - Frozen In Time: Music To Accompany The Films Of Ingmar Bergman


 73.48 MB + 73.46 MB + 74.46 MB

1. Persistence In Mourning - Dualitet (A Modernist Horror)
2. Fear Konstruktor - Walls Of The Mind
3. Swamp Horse - Reflections Of A Life Wasted
4. Terence Hannum - I Dreamed That I Was Sleeping
5. Terence Hannum - I Dreamed That I Was Dreaming
6. Ryan Unks - Untitled
7. King Dude - Untitled

from the moment I heard about this release, I thought it must have been created solely with me and my blog in mind. obviously that isn't the case, but I knew I'd have to share it with all of you nonetheless.

this compilation comes courtesy of black horizons, a label specializing in the noisier side of dark ambient. musically and aesthetically, this whole package is absolutely first-rate - the booklet is absolutely beautiful, the music is dark perfection, and it all coalesces in a way that few releases could even dream of.

but the most special aspect of this release is that each side doubles as a score to twenty minutes of a separate ingmar bergman film. and since my love for bergman's work is well-documented, if that isn't right up my alley, well, I don't know what is. included in the liner notes are the the times at which to begin these secondary scores and I highly suggest you all give at least a couple of them a shot.

and even if you have no desire to ever sync any of these tapes up with their respective films, the music and packaging themselves are more than worth the price. terrence hannum is a member of locrian, swamp horse released a tape on handmade birds a couple of years ago, and persistence in mourning were also featured on the séance compilation from worthless recordings that I posted back in february.

easily one of the most thought-provoking and beautifully designed releases of the year, this one deserves a place in every metallic imagery reader's collection.

(buy a copy from black horizons.)

(sides a and b.)

(sides c and d.)

(sides e and f.)


  1. appreciate it a lot !

    my best wishes for the new year.

    1. you are very welcome.

      and you have my best wishes as well.

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  5. All links dead. Also the an innocent young throat cutter links
    Be Happy