Monday, April 7, 2014

BLSPHM & josh lay.

BLSPHM & Josh Lay - S/T

1. Untitled
2. Untitled

I originally ripped this tape and wrote this post before demian johnston posted this to the blsphm bandcamp, so instead of letting my writing go to waste, I'm still posting it, but the only link will be to the official stream.


from demian johnston's own dead accents comes his latest BLSPHM recording, a collaboration with noise artist josh lay, who also made an appearance on the séance compilation I posted a while back.

these two recordings arrive on a blank white tape with an anything-but-standard j-card. the title is letter-pressed into a gorgeous, very tactile paper stock. the insert is stapled to the j-card, its tattered edges beckoning you to look closer, to explore this inexplicable creation.

and it's limited to just forty hand-numbered copies.

it's a really great package and easily lends itself to the atmosphere created by the music, which is at turns violent, calming, and ominous. my only complaint: it's all over far too quickly. in fact, I'm already on listen number two, which is about to become listen number three.

based on this recording, it's easy to see that these two artists have at least the potential for a great deal more material between them, and I can only hope that it'll be realized sooner, not later.

so, to sum this up: first-rate packaging and first-rate music from first-rate performers?

yes, please.

(buy a copy from dead accents.)

(preview both tracks on bandcamp.)

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