Friday, April 11, 2014

crystalline roses - ...the morning brought rain.

Crystalline Roses - ...The Morning Brought Rain


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1. Got To Be Hope Somewhere
2. As The Water Turns To Sand
3. ...The Morning Brought Rain
4. Lost Rider
5. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
6. It Surrounds Us All

much like the tempel ov blood tape on fallow field that I enjoyed, the latest release from western massachusetts' crystalline roses strikes many of the same chords, no pun intended.

musically, these two unrelated projects have a lot in common - both are composed of sparse acoustic guitar and not much else. there's a little more variety to crystalline roses' sound, but the melodies aren't quite as haunting as tempel ov blood's compositions. that said, anyone who enjoyed that tempel ov blood tape should enjoy this one as well.

frankly, it was a shock to hear this tape's sample during the january program. honestly, it just seemed so out-of-place...I've listened to a lot of ascetic house material, and there was no way I could've expected a release composed entirely of acoustic guitar and banjo.

that said, it's definitely been one of my favorite tapes of the batch. anthony pasquarosa, the man behind crystalline roses, has a whole bunch of other projects to explore, including heaven and earth magic.

and guess what - it's actually available online right now from mount analog, so grab one while you can.

(buy a copy from mount analog.)

(for preview purposes only.)

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  1. thank you. and thanks for the tip that MA had copies of the JP available. grabbed Destruction Unit, but i guess i missed the Night Sins tape :( it's the last one i need