Saturday, March 29, 2014

body of light - limits of reason.

Body Of Light - Limits Of Reason

46.94 MB


1. Is It Lost
2. Limits Of Reason
3. Silhouettes (Beautiful Trees)
4. Modern Sympathy
5. To Destroy Sin

body of light never cease to amaze with their brand of catchy, poppy, synth-y darkwave...or whatever you'd prefer to call it. either way, they excel at crafting dark music that's filled to the brim with hooks, great vocals, and strong production.

and guess what, there's even a straight-up noise track on here to close things out with a (harsh) bang.

overall, an excellent tape. and although this might be sacrilege, I think I prefer body of light to tollund men. obviously their styles do have some distinct differences, but if pressed, I'd pick the former...I guess I'm just a sucker for a catchy hook.

since this tape was part of ascetic house's january program, it's no longer available...but keep an eye on chondritic sound's webstore, vacation vinyl, and maybe mount analog...if there's any retail outlets might receive copies, I'd bet on those three.

(for preview purposes only.)

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