Saturday, March 1, 2014

forza albino - black dog.

Forza Albino - Black Dog


53.6 MB

1. Bareback Violence/HIV Provider
2. Two Shades Of Grey

new tape from forza albino, a noise trio whose previous work has been released by posh isolation. this one's on freak animal, a stellar label based out of finland.

two lengthy tracks, one per side, that feature wild electronics, brutal vocals, and plenty of dialogue samples. to the uninitiated, it sounds a lot like that deathpile record that was released by hospital productions last year.

freak animal has also released material from bizarre uproar, nicole 12, black leather jesus, and many more, so supporting their efforts should go without saying.

copies of this one are sold out from analog worship and lust vessel, but keep an eye on unseen force - their item page lists it as "coming soon."

(coming soon to unseen force.)

(for preview purposes only.)


  1. please reup (and any other FA you might have?) this this is one of my favorite pe releases of the last few years