Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ivory prince - s/t.

Ivory Prince - S/T


27.23 MB

1. I
2. Vision
3. Code
4. Orifice
5. Guilt

definitely one of the more unusual tapes in the recent total black batch, the debut from ivory prince is another recording that manages to elude most genre labels while still producing a sound that's familiar and enticing.

it tends to lean more toward the ambient side of the spectrum, but there's enough noise and distorted vocals to please any and all fans of both this blog and total black's discography.

interestingly, this is a co-release between total black and angoisse, a label based out of barcelona that's released a handful of material over the last three years, including works from order of nine angels, kakerlak, and alleypisser. the packaging is also a high-point - the j-card is printed on a nice paper stock and housed inside of a poly-case, all tucked inside a sealed envelope.

overall, a excellent presentation of some excellent music.

copies are long gone, but a few have shown up on discogs, so add it to your wantlist and keep your eyes peeled.

(for preview purposes only.)

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